What Do The Modes on A Digital Camera Mean? – Part 1

A product photographer must know their equipment and how to get the best out of it! Whether you’ve just upgraded to a brand new camera or are in the early stages of your career and want to improve your understanding, this short guide will touch on the key modes of a digital camera and what […]

How To Use Twitter For My Photography Business?

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How Much Shadow Should I Use in My Product Photography?

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Do You Pay Enough Attention To Your Background?

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Lighting Terms That A Product Photographer Needs To Know – Part 1

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Interesting Camera Features That Will Transform Your Photos

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The Most Important Accessories For Product Videography

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Getting Started With Product Videography

Product photography is no longer just about taking still shots of a product from a range of angles or directions. Videography now plays an important part in e-commerce, marketing and branding so it is vital for any commercial photographer to offer this service. This article details two basic aspects of product videography and acts as […]

A Packshot Studio Guide to Photographing Small Objects

Every product photographer or packshot studio needs to know how to photograph very small objects. The starting point for all of this is making sure you have the right equipment to do the job. We’ve put together a summary of the key equipment that should be in every product photographer’s box of tricks. Lenses The […]

6 Fantastic Tricks for Food and Drink Photography

Working in the world of product photography, you get the opportunity to work on a range of products, brands and sectors. It may be clothing photography one week, or food photography the next and today we are going to highlight some fantastic tricks for getting stunning food and drink product photographs. Colourful Images It may […]