Do You Pay Enough Attention To Your Background?

As a product photographer, your immediate response to this question would probably be a confident yes! However, it is always a question worth asking as we believe every photographer and packshot studio should take the time to reflect and improve. Take a moment to look back at some of your photographs and think about whether […]

Lighting Terms That A Product Photographer Needs To Know – Part 1

There are countless terms out there in the world of photography that any commercial photographer or product photographer of any type should be aware of. When we narrow this down to lighting terms, there are many to get your head around and understand. We’ve put together a shortlist of some key terms that we feel […]

Interesting Camera Features That Will Transform Your Photos

There are some truly wonderful and exciting features that many modern cameras have, which many professionals in product photography forget to use. This is in part because a lot of the cameras do most of the hard work for you, or each packshot photographer has it customised to their own preference. We’ve put together some […]

The Most Important Accessories For Product Videography

As a commercial photographer, it is essential that you have all the right equipment when delivering your product photography services. This is also true when creating product videos for clients and whilst much of the equipment is the same, there are some key differences. We’ve put together the main accessories required to deliver high-quality videos […]

Getting Started With Product Videography

Product photography is no longer just about taking still shots of a product from a range of angles or directions. Videography now plays an important part in e-commerce, marketing and branding so it is vital for any commercial photographer to offer this service. This article details two basic aspects of product videography and acts as […]

A Packshot Studio Guide to Photographing Small Objects

Every product photographer or packshot studio needs to know how to photograph very small objects. The starting point for all of this is making sure you have the right equipment to do the job. We’ve put together a summary of the key equipment that should be in every product photographer’s box of tricks. Lenses The […]

6 Fantastic Tricks for Food and Drink Photography

Working in the world of product photography, you get the opportunity to work on a range of products, brands and sectors. It may be clothing photography one week, or food photography the next and today we are going to highlight some fantastic tricks for getting stunning food and drink product photographs. Colourful Images It may […]

How to Create The Perfect Product Images for Etsy

The next in our series of product photography articles discusses how to create the best photographs possible for the e-commerce platform Etsy. Just with any other e-commerce platform, product photographs can make or break customer interest and conversion rates, so we have pulled together some top tips for anyone to follow, whether concerned with fashion […]

Product Photography – When Should A Macro Lens Be Used?

To start off, let’s clarify briefly what a macro lens is and why it’s often mentioned as a key part of your product photography equipment. In essence, the main advantage of a macro lens over a more standard type of lens is its ability to focus up to a 1:1 magnification. This means that the […]

The Most Important Task For Any Packshot Studio – Reflecting Reality

Let’s start off by defining the key term in this title – packshot studio. In essence, this is a product photographer or team who create product photos (packshots) for their clients. These images will traditionally include the product itself, all of the packaging and any important labels. These photographs are taken as still images or […]