How Much Shadow Should I Use in My Product Photography?

We are fortunate to work in an era of modern camera equipment that allows a product photographer or packshot studio to capture all of the luminosities between the darkest and brightest parts of an image. The question this raises is what is the most effective set up and whether we need everything within this dynamic […]

A Helpful Guide to Makeup Product Photography

The world of product photography is a diverse and challenging one, with different genres requiring a particular set of skills and concepts. A packshot photographer will often have a broad understanding of each type, along with an underlying knowledge of product photography fundamentals. In this article, we are going to touch on makeup product photography […]

Fashion Photography Outdoors – The Golden Hours

As a product photographer, working outdoors means far less control over the elements and a greater requirement for planning, when compared to indoor photoshoots. However, taking advantage of an outdoor location can truly transform products, particularly in the world of fashion photography. A common theme you will have noticed in many of our blog articles […]

The Effects of Lighting in Cosmetics and Makeup Product Photography

One of the challenges that cosmetics and makeup brands often face is creating attractive and absorbing product photography. While clothing and shoes are far easier to “bring to life” by using a mannequin or model, cosmetics are trickier. That’s why utilising the effects of lighting is so important to bring out the USPs, colours and […]