The Most Important Accessories For Product Videography

As a commercial photographer, it is essential that you have all the right equipment when delivering your product photography services. This is also true when creating product videos for clients and whilst much of the equipment is the same, there are some key differences. We’ve put together the main accessories required to deliver high-quality videos […]

Why Lifestyle Photography Is Good For Your Business

  These days, your online audience wants to see much more than just a carefully crafted picture of your product. They want see how it looks or can be used in a reallife setting, and need to be inspired by the images that you offer them.   Aspirational lifestyle photography doesn’t just demonstrate how a product […]

Upgrade Your Product Shots With These Cool Ideas

  Product shots are traditionally designed to capture the most important features of the product itself.  Crisp images, taken against a plain white background, were for many years the mainstay of brochures and catalogues, but with the digital age now firmly upon us, the game is changing. Finding new and unique ways to showcase your […]

Introducing High Quality, Cost Effective Video Production for Your Business.

Introducing our sister company , a new video production company focused solely on providing video services for your business. Their services include corporate video production for your business, with a ‘concept to completion’ service that starts with planning and brief writing, includes filming using the only the latest high end video production equipment, and […]