360° product photography

Why use our 360° Product Photography service?


Freshpack Photo’s 360 product photography service is a new and unique method of showcasing your products on an ecommerce site and 360 product photography is proven to convert ecommerce site hits into sales. There’s been a 71%* increase in online sales in the last two years, and there are now 42 million* online shoppers in the UK alone. However, over 50%* of those online shoppers place items in their cart that they then don’t buy. You have split seconds to turn a visitor into a customer, and reduce your bounce rate before that visitor is on a competitor’s website spending their money.


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Why not give all those potential customers the experience of holding your product in the palm of their hand and viewing it from every angle? Our 360 product photography images are fully interactive, compatible with iPhone and iPad, and created by experienced image makers. We can source the best player for your needs or you can use our standard 360 photography viewer, either one will bring your website to life.

Why choose 360 photography for your product shots

The photographs you choose for your website should display your products as clearly as possible. With 360 product photography, you can literally show your wares from every angle, offering your customers a totally immersive experience that is almost as good as holding it in their own hands.

Being able to offer such comprehensive visual detail will help to increase your sales, as the better the image, the more likely the customer is to buy. You should also see the number of Product returns decrease, as customers will be able to make informed choices before they commit to buy.

Because successful online selling is based on trust and performance, 360 product photography will help to raise confidence in your brand and enable you to engage with the customer in a much more in-depth way than was previously possible.

Easy To See, Easy To Use

Not only do 3D product images look amazing, they are also incredibly simple to navigate. Easy to use controls allow the viewer to zoom, pan, rotate with just the click of the mouse.

What is 360 Product Photography?

By taking a series of individual images using a number of revolutions and frames, we are able to create seamless transitions and unique 360 images of your Product. Using specialist software, we can compose interactive 360 degree displays that can be dragged or swiped by the user. Visitors to your website can also view the product from a number of different directions. This means that we can capture every detail of your product for the customer to see before they buy.

Our 3D Product Photography Service is also available in video format, and we can out put our rotations as an MP4 file.

Can any product be captured using 360 photography?

Here at Freshpack we can capture images of a wide range of products using 360 photography. Our professional studio set up offers first class lighting, and we capture every photograph using state of the art photographic equipment.

From a single shoot, to an entire product range, we can supply you with unique, 360 product images for your eCommerce site.


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