How Do I Set Up My New Camera?

It may seem pretty obvious as a product photographer to make sure you set up your new camera correctly, but many people gloss over some of the most important steps. It can be exciting getting to grips with that shiny new camera, but getting it set up correctly will mean you can start delivering amazing […]

What does bokeh mean?

As a product photographer, or any other commercial photographer for that matter it is likely you have heard of and understand the term bokeh. It is a relatively simple concept to understand and for the more experienced photographers, it isn’t a challenge to create. However, where many fall down is making sure they create the […]

Should I use camera settings if I am shooting in raw file format?

Modern digital cameras offer a wealth of features, functions and settings that can not only enhance your product photography but assist those who are less experienced. For those who shoot in JPEG format, it is vital to develop an understanding of these settings and how to utilise them in different scenarios, such as for fashion […]

What Is Colour Temperature and White Balance In Photography?

In the world of product photography, we often use the white balance button on a camera to select an automatic white balance or a specific measurement. Some cameras also allow for the colour temperature to be set according to your requirements. This opens up the question of what the relationship is between white balance and […]

How Can I Apply Different Perspective Techniques to My Product Photography?

Within the world of product photography, a packshot photographer is likely to need to control the appearance of depth in a shot. Whether this is a simple image of a product or a lifestyle shot outdoors with multiple subjects and props. Fundamentally, photography is all about recreating that real-world 3-D image in a 2-D photograph […]

What Do The Modes on A Digital Camera Mean? – Part 1

A product photographer must know their equipment and how to get the best out of it! Whether you’ve just upgraded to a brand new camera or are in the early stages of your career and want to improve your understanding, this short guide will touch on the key modes of a digital camera and what […]

Is It Important to Have My Own Photography Style?

The world of product photography can be as formulaic or as creative as you want it to be. As a packshot photographer, the more you work on your own style and creative approach then the greater the impact your product photos can have. We always want to deliver a product that clients will love and […]

How Can I Improve The Style of My Product Photography?

If you’re been searching around for tips on how to improve the styling of your photos as a product photographer or packshot studio then look no further. We’ve put together some of the best styling tips out there, based on years of experience delivering outstanding results. Get to know your client The very first tip […]

What Are The Best Plugins For Photoshop and Lightroom?

Almost every product photographer, and any other type of commercial photographer for that matter will utilise Photoshop and Lightroom when creating beautiful images for their clients. Whilst there are other pieces of software out there that will do the job, few can compare with the popularity and performance of these from the giants at Adobe. […]

How To Photograph Glassware?

The goal of this photography article is to help shine a light on a quick and easy way to shoot glassware with minimal equipment. There are a number of ways to light and shoot glassware, so there is no single answer and it does depend on the goal of your product photographs. Take the time […]