How Should I Optimise And Grow My Business As A Product Photographer?

Oct 3, 2023 | 0 comments

The industry we operate in as a product photographer or packshot studio is becoming more competitive and more dynamic. This means a certain percentage of our time must be spent understanding how best to optimise and grow our businesses. At the heart of this concept is the need to not only create fantastic images for our clients but also create a story of us as product photographers that persuade others to work with us.

Our team of experts have put together some of their top tips on how to optimise and grow a business. This advice works whether you’re a small, self-employed product photographer or you operate a large packshot studio that has been established for decades.

Present your very best photographs

In the introduction, we mentioned the need to not only deliver excellent results for clients but also present yourself in the best possible light. This means making sure that on all digital channels, a product photographer presents their very best photographs and information to tell their story.

This may include examples of packshot studio work, personal projects and behind-the-scenes images. The reason for this is so that anyone visiting your website or checking out social pages will not only see the quality of your work but also understand who you are and what makes you the best product photographer for them.

Maintain your website and create engaging content

One of the worst things you can do as a product photographer is create a website and some social media accounts, then forget all about it. A part of being a modern product photographer or packshot studio is staying fresh, engaged and in front of the target audience.

So how do we do this? Quite simply, maintain your website and social channels so that the content is refreshed regularly, they work effectively and contact details are correct so that there are no barriers to connecting with potential customers.

Practice and explore personal projects

No matter how long someone has been a professional product photographer, or been part of a packshot studio it is always important to practice. This can be as part of a professional project or by exploring personal projects. Not only will it result in you staying at the top of your game, but it will also make you enjoy the process more.

Maybe you take a camera with you on a day trip with the family, go for walks to explore new locations or stay in your packshot studio and test new ideas. The only true way to develop and grow your business is to offer more and better quality results than your competitors.

Allocate time to learning and development

Allocating time to learn about new techniques, refresh skills with equipment or go out and explore new locations is vital to staying ahead in a competitive industry. It is also a fantastic way to stay creative and focused during those challenging moments.

In order to grow your business, you may need to learn brand-new techniques or develop the range of styles you cover. Whatever the requirements, allocating time to this topic will pay dividends further down the line for a product photographer.

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