Product Photography – When Should A Macro Lens Be Used?

To start off, let’s clarify briefly what a macro lens is and why it’s often mentioned as a key part of your product photography equipment. In essence, the main advantage of a macro lens over a more standard type of lens is its ability to focus up to a 1:1 magnification. This means that the […]

The Most Important Task For Any Packshot Studio – Reflecting Reality

Let’s start off by defining the key term in this title – packshot studio. In essence, this is a product photographer or team who create product photos (packshots) for their clients. These images will traditionally include the product itself, all of the packaging and any important labels. These photographs are taken as still images or […]

Product Photography Lighting Tips

Anyone who is serious about product photography needs to take the time to understand the role of light in the process. While there is a mistaken belief that product photography is more limited compared to images taken with live models, playing around with lighting is an exciting way to enhance the process and make for […]

Top Tips for Product Photography Styling

There’s a reason people hire professional product photographers and that’s because the difference between good-quality and poor-quality photos can make or break the customer journey. When selling online, your photography is the best avenue you can take to show off the quality of your products and beautiful styling will show your audience exactly what your […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Product Photography Service

Do you want your product photography project to be a success? If so, you will need to choose the right photography company. A good photography service provider will ensure that your photo requirements are met and that your project is delivered on time and within budget. We’ve put together these seven tips on how to […]

Why Successful Marketers Use 6 Different Product Photography Types

The key to good marketing is tailoring your approach to attract different audiences, which is why any professional product photographer worth their salt will use different photo types for their client campaigns. Each type will start with the basics such as using a tripod, adjusting the camera to the appropriate settings and making the most […]

How To Use Your Product Photos To Get More Sales

If you want to establish strong online visibility for your e-commerce, high-quality product photography is an absolute must. Strong and engaging visuals will enhance your online presence both online and offline by grabbing the attention of your target client and setting your business above the competition. Your products need to work as hard as they […]

Why DIY Product Photography Is A Bad Idea.

When it comes to making a first impression there are no second chances which is why product photography can be the make or break for your business conversion rates. By making the effort and taking the time to create on-brand, diverse and high-quality product photography, you are telling your target audience that yours is a […]

Product photography trends for 2016

As product photographers working with many varied clients in the UK, we see plenty of packshot photography as well as creative images and techniques being used for all sorts of marketing purposes. In fact, we’ve seen enough to notice some key trends that might be interesting for anyone taking their product photography seriously. Here are […]

Why “traditional” packshot photography is still relevant in 2016

We’ve noticed that throughout the last few years there have been many developments in the ways consumers use visual information to make purchase decisions and in the ways this is actually delivered. The key difference with e-commerce to buying real products in shops is something most of us have become used to but it’s a […]