How Can I Be More Creative And Confident As A Product Photographer?

Sep 28, 2023 | 0 comments

We often think that because someone is a professional, they have developed enough creativity and confidence to do their job. The reality is very different! As a professional photographer, working in any discipline including fashion and jewellery photography there will be times when you feel less confident about the work you do and struggle to find new ways to be creative.

If we know this challenge is something that affects so many of us, then it makes sense to explore the topic and answer the question of how can a product photographer be more creative and confident.

Discover what helps you be creative and what blocks your creativity

At the top of the list is quite an obvious way to start your journey towards being more creative. If we don’t know what blocks there are and what helps us to embrace creativity then we can’t journey towards a more creative mindset.

Let’s take a product photographer working in jewellery photography as an example. It may be that failing to prepare for a photoshoot, running late or lacking the right equipment will cause feelings of stress and frustration. This will directly impact the ability of a product photographer to be focused and creative.

Build systems and processes that help you

A fantastic way to help maintain confidence, focus and creativity is to build systems that you can rely on. Being a product photographer that has a system in place for the fundamental processes you go through each time, means you will enter each shoot full of confidence and free to explore new ideas.

Some examples of these systems and processes include checklists for various stages of a project, listening to music that inspires you or even simply having water in your bag to stay hydrated and focused.

Find the time to be creative

We can spend too much time focused on running a business, searching for new clients or making sure we have the right equipment. As product photographers, it is vital that we find the time to be creative in both our professional and personal lives.

Go out and explore new locations, take a camera with you on days out or simply spend time in your studio getting creative without the pressure of presenting the results to a client. By embracing this side of your personality, you will discover countless benefits including an increased confidence that you can deliver new ideas and better results for your product photography services.

Embrace excitement and nerves

It can be difficult to differentiate between nerves and a lack of confidence. In reality, nerves are a sign that we are engaged and focused on a subject and as a product photographer this should be embraced.

When you work on your next jewellery photography shoot, embrace the excitement around working on some beautiful jewellery, planning with a brand new client or getting to try new styles out. It all contributes to a positive attitude and this will help with confidence and creativity.

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