Do You Pay Enough Attention To Your Background?

As a product photographer, your immediate response to this question would probably be a confident yes! However, it is always a question worth asking as we believe every photographer and packshot studio should take the time to reflect and improve. Take a moment to look back at some of your photographs and think about whether […]

What Is The Best Way To Edit Non-Destructively In Photoshop CC?

We’ve all been there before, spending time editing a photograph and realising that you have caused the image to degrade so much that it just isn’t good enough. This is where the concept of non-destructive editing within Photoshop comes into play as a fantastic way to preserve as much of the quality of the original […]

Lighting Terms That A Product Photographer Needs To Know – Part 1

There are countless terms out there in the world of photography that any commercial photographer or product photographer of any type should be aware of. When we narrow this down to lighting terms, there are many to get your head around and understand. We’ve put together a shortlist of some key terms that we feel […]

Breaking Product Photographer Rules Can Lead to Better Results

We will all have read about the fundamental rules in photography, often finding sources that argue against those rules to make it even more confusing. As a result, it can be difficult as a product photographer or packshot studio to move away from standard, safe rules that people live by such as the rule of […]

How To Create Motion in Food Product Photography

We love to work with food products as part of our product photography services and an interesting aspect of this is using motion to enhance the products. For a packshot photographer, the ability to explore motion within a still image is a fantastic skill that brings excitement and fun to food. We’ve put together a […]

Amazing Prop Ideas for Beverage Product Photography

As a product photographer or packshot studio, you will likely have been involved in creating stunning product shots for a food and drink company. Equally, you may have wanted a fashion photoshoot to incorporate drinks into the story and there are some fantastic prop ideas out there to deliver excellent results. We’ve put together a […]

Shoe Photography Tips For a Product Photographer

Within the world of fashion, a product photographer will often have to work on footwear, whether trainers or smarter footwear. As a commercial photographer, it is important to understand the best approach to this kind of project and we’ve put together some helpful tips. It is our belief that by following key pieces of advice, […]

A Useful Guide to the World of Softboxes

A softbox is one of the most popular and frequently used lighting tools in product photography. It is of particular importance for those studios working with jewellery photography and fashion photography who want to really have control over the lighting they are using. What is a softbox? These devices are relatively simple in their design […]

A Helpful Guide to Makeup Product Photography

The world of product photography is a diverse and challenging one, with different genres requiring a particular set of skills and concepts. A packshot photographer will often have a broad understanding of each type, along with an underlying knowledge of product photography fundamentals. In this article, we are going to touch on makeup product photography […]

Top Tips for Every Product Photographer

There are countless websites, blogs and guides out there designed to help a product photographer deliver the very best results for their clients. Whether working in fashion or jewellery photography, there are some fundamental tips that translate across all genres of product photography. As a result, we’ve put together some of the favourites that we […]