5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Photographs On Social Media

As a business owner, you are probably already harnessing the awesome power of social media to help promote our brand.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, amongst others, help businesses to connect with their customers in an instantly accessible way that has never been seen before.   To remain successful, business users need to find the a […]

What Makes For The Best Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is a very different specialism to something like product photography. Of course, there are many similar skills required of any professional photographer looking to get the highest quality results, but the objectives in each case will be quite distinct. Whether taking photos is either a full-time or part-time job, or simply just a […]

How Does Photography Affect Your Christmas Shopping?

There is usually a lot to think about in the run-up to Christmas, and although it can be enjoyable, many people find shopping for gifts to be quite stressful. It usually all goes by in a blur, and by the time you stop to consider how you’re getting on, it’s time to wrap your presents […]

Photography Contests Coming Up In 2017

For anyone with some interest in product photography or any other type, keeping up with notable photography contests around the world can be a great way to find inspiration. In the New Year we can expect to see some fantastic events and competitions, some of which offer cash prizes in the tens of thousands. This […]

Planning Great Product Photography For Food

  If your business is focused on food, you probably have some great looking products that easily win people over once they taste them. Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to taste and smell how good your products are through a website! That’s why it makes sense to try and get the best out of your […]

E-commerce Product Photography Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Your e-commerce website is your shop front to the world and first impressions count. Whatever products you sell online it is vital that the images on your site are not only an accurate portrayal of your products and services but they should be visually attractive, eye catching and clear. Human beings are visual by nature, […]

Product photography trends for 2016

As product photographers working with many varied clients in the UK, we see plenty of packshot photography as well as creative images and techniques being used for all sorts of marketing purposes. In fact, we’ve seen enough to notice some key trends that might be interesting for anyone taking their product photography seriously. Here are […]

New Product Photography Studio Expansion. We’re Moving Onwards and Upwards!

Hi All This is just a very quick message to let everyone know that we’re opening a brand new product photography studio in North West London, full details to follow. The new premises will allow us to take on more work and we’ll be adding a couple of great new photographers to our roster. There’s […]