Why 360-Degree Product Photographs Are So Important

A 360-degree product photograph has become one of the most important shots for any product photographer or packshot studio. This is in part due to the competitive nature of e-commerce and the need to find innovative ways to improve conversion rates. Compare an e-commerce store to a bricks and mortar store. Your customers can’t interact […]

Top Tips for a Product Photographer Scouting Locations

A professional product photographer will spend a lot of their time out in the world, discovering new locations or managing outdoor photoshoots. This is perhaps most common when working with fashion photography and there are some great tips for how to scout locations and find the right spot to tell your story. Check the lighting […]

Top Advice For Perfecting Your Amazon Image Strategy

In a previous article, we discussed the Amazon image requirements for anyone wishing to list products on their website. The next stage is to think about perfecting those images to drive conversions and sell your products. This is where a quality product photographer or packshot studio will be able to help take your images to […]

How 360 Product Photography Works

One of the biggest challenges when shopping online is making sure consumers can gain access to a full view of your products in all their glory. In the absence of the sensory experience where consumers in bricks and mortar stores can touch, hold, feel and smell the product, online shopping presents much more of a […]

The Different Types of Product Photography

If you’re approaching product photography for the first time, it’s important to be aware of the many different possibilities that exist within this media. This means you can discover the best options available for your brand product photography to show your products in their best light. Below, we have outlined three of the most common […]

The Effects of Lighting in Cosmetics and Makeup Product Photography

One of the challenges that cosmetics and makeup brands often face is creating attractive and absorbing product photography. While clothing and shoes are far easier to “bring to life” by using a mannequin or model, cosmetics are trickier. That’s why utilising the effects of lighting is so important to bring out the USPs, colours and […]

How to Convey your Brand Identity with Professional Product Photos

Product photography is a major part of the business identity of any online enterprise. In the absence of the customer-facing experience, ecommerce owners must use the power of content and imagery to convey a solid brand identity that aligns with the style and tone of their marketing material. It’s one thing to get noticed online […]

Best Practice Guide for 360º Product Photography

Until the digital age, we’ve been limited in our consumption of media to 2D perspectives that are present in photos, TV, and cinema. The past 20 years has seen dramatic developments in photographic hardware and software, and 360º photography brings with it a wide range of new possibilities which is changing the e-commerce landscape. Giving people the […]

9 photography trends you need to look out for in 2018

The world of photography is constantly changing as new themes and trends emerge. Below we share 9 photography trends you need to look out for in 2018. 1. Unfiltered images Individuals now want to see fresh and real photographs that have not been altered or had filters applied. Photographers are using the very best of […]

Boost Your e-Commerce Sales with these Product Photography Tips

Establishing a successful ecommerce with high visibility is a major challenge for entrepreneurs within a saturated online marketplace. The good news is that there are steps you can take to elevate your business above the rest and improve your Google rankings using organic and highly impactful techniques. A higher position on Google means more people […]