Fashion Photography Guide – Shooting at a Fashion Show

One of the most challenging aspects of fashion photography is attending fashion shows and taking photos. It can be difficult, at times oppressive and requires both skill and determination. We’ve put together a few useful hints and tips that will help you plan for your first fashion show and improve on your existing skills. Getting […]

What types of fashion photography styles are there?

For anyone working in fashion photography, it is important to understand the most suitable and most effective style of photography. One point to note though is that before thinking about style, it is key to think about the genre of fashion you are working with because this will potentially narrow down your style choices. Style […]

Top Composition Advice for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is all about creating beautiful images of your fashion products by telling a story, creating a setting that draws customers in and by perfectly showing off the clothing you wish to sell. As a result, you will see a lot of advice about composition and it is important to spend time thinking about […]

Top Background Ideas For Your Jewellery Photography

Product photography can be a challenge at the best of times but when working with jewellery photography, there are some unique challenges to overcome. This is primarily because of the intense, focused nature of the shots involving intricate detail. One of the problems with highlighting this detail is that backgrounds can sometimes draw the attention […]

Clothing Photography Mistakes – How to Avoid Making Them

For anyone operating in the e-commerce world, the challenge of selling a product to people who would normally want to see and feel them is a difficult one to beat. This is particularly pertinent for anyone in the fashion industry and trying to use clothing photography. It is the aim of this post to help […]

Top Advice For Perfecting Your Amazon Image Strategy

In a previous article, we discussed the Amazon image requirements for anyone wishing to list products on their website. The next stage is to think about perfecting those images to drive conversions and sell your products. This is where a quality product photographer or packshot studio will be able to help take your images to […]

eBay Image Requirements – What you need to know

Many businesses will use eBay and just like other eCommerce platforms, your product images play a vital role in attracting customers and converting them into sales. As a product photographer, we have worked with many clients who have struggled to sell their products on eBay and realised the images just aren’t doing the job they […]

Fashion Photography Outdoors – The Golden Hours

As a product photographer, working outdoors means far less control over the elements and a greater requirement for planning, when compared to indoor photoshoots. However, taking advantage of an outdoor location can truly transform products, particularly in the world of fashion photography. A common theme you will have noticed in many of our blog articles […]

Beauty Products – How to Perfect Your Product Photography

The world of eCommerce is so heavily reliant on images because you only have a moment to grab someone’s attention and keep it, and if you can wow them with an incredible image then half of the battle has been won. When we then think about the beauty industry, this brings product photography into even […]

Why Packshot Studio Lighting Can Be Difficult To Get Right

For a product photography studio, many of the products we work with can be small, have very fine detail or have reflective materials on them. By the very nature of these characteristics, lighting becomes both an important part of photography but also a difficult one to get right. Reflections can be a nightmare as they […]