The Most Important Accessories For Product Videography

Aug 24, 2021 | 0 comments

As a commercial photographer, it is essential that you have all the right equipment when delivering your product photography services. This is also true when creating product videos for clients and whilst much of the equipment is the same, there are some key differences. We’ve put together the main accessories required to deliver high-quality videos that will deliver results for e-commerce stores and marketing campaigns.


One of the accessories rarely used in product photography is a microphone. It is easy to add in sounds, music and other effects in the editing phase of a project, but if you want to record any real-world sounds during the video recording then the only way to get the best quality is to use a microphone.


The most popular type of microphone used by a commercial photographer is the shotgun microphone. It is seen as a jack-of-all-trades option that will record sounds coming from a particular direction and has the option of being attached to the camera or held separately. As always, there is a lot of choice on the market so do your research and make sure you select one that connects with your camera, will deliver the results you want and is within your budget.


We believe a commercial photographer should add to their list of accessories a gimbal. This accessory offers the ability to rotate an object around a particular axis, letting you have greater freedom with your videography.


There are various types of gimbals available in the world of product photography and videography, with cheaper ones that offer a more simple approach up to more expensive motorised options. Ensure that the gimbal works with your camera’s characteristics and always practice with it first to understand its potential, as well as its weaknesses.


The opposite of a gimbal, the tripod allows every product photography expert to deliver stable, smooth images and videos. However, there is a minor difference between a tripod for still photography and videography.


A commercial photographer will often use a ball head tripod, whereas for videography it is advised to go for a pan head. This offers a smoother experience when it comes to panning or tilting, as well as more control in general. You want to look out for a tripod with an arm that allows for convenient movement and tight control.


It is likely you already have a range of lighting available to use on your product photography projects. Whilst many will work well with videos, LED panel type lights will deliver far greater results for videos.


The LED panels don’t cost a great deal of money and are a budget-friendly option for a commercial photographer wanting more freedom and creativity. They are often more compact than other types and allow more control in terms of warmth and luminosity. You will likely be able to use other effects as well with this type of specific lighting for videos.

Other accessories

Some of the other important accessories include making sure you have extra memory cards for your camera. Remember that videos will take up a lot more space than images and you will very quickly burn through storage space. On top of that, consider extra batteries to enable you to work for longer without the need to return back to the studio or being plugged into the mains.

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