Why Lifestyle Photography Is Good For Your Business

Dec 20, 2018


These days, your online audience wants to see much more than just a carefully crafted picture of your product. They want see how it looks or can be used in a reallife setting, and need to be inspired by the images that you offer them.   Aspirational lifestyle photography doesn’t just demonstrate how a product works in real life, but can also be used by canny marketeers to sell an entire lifestyle to a demographic that is ready to buy.


Lifestyle photography in London is used to promote a whole host of businesses, many of which have grasped the concept of up-selling products by capturing a range of consumer benefits in just one image.


Why Use Lifestyle Photography To Promote Your Brand


In its purest form, lifestyle photography captures people in natural situations in an artistic and attractive way.  These images are designed to tell a story and inspire the audience.  The  stratospheric rise of photo sharing sites like Instagram demonstrate perfectly just how a simple, real-life inspired image can promote a wealth of goods or services to every type of target audience.


It is the storytelling element of lifestyle photography that gives it a unique edge over and above pure product images. By appealing the emotions and imagination of the consumer, you can not only develop a loyal brand following, but also drive home to the value of your product.


If your business is exploring new ways to visually promote your brand, here are 3 great reasons why lifestyle photography could make all the difference:


  1. Lifestyle images are far more enticing that stock images


If your company sells goods or services that can be seen in real life, have a professional lifestyle photographer capture them for you.  Using stock images can promote an unfavourable image or can even be a complete misrepresentation of your brand.  If you have a space that customers come to visit like a restaurant, bar or hotel, have real photos taken with real life customers to give a truly genuine representation of your business.


While lifestyle images may be staged for dramatic effect, they still offer a much more honest and believable, and therefore buyable, visual record of your brand.


If you want to ramp up the honesty factor, you could even include your own staff doing their real-life duties to help the customer really get a feel for who you are and what you are offering.  A talented lifestyle photography will be able to help capture them at their very best moments, and be able to frame the shot just right.  You don’t need a grand venue, branded fashion or state-of-the-art offices to make your business look good on camera, you just need to be true to your brand.


  1. Products Sell Better When They Can Be Seen In Action


Virtually every successful online retailer knows that buyers respond better to pictures that demonstrate the product in use.  This ideology goes beyond just simply putting pretty models in fancy clothing, and instead focuses on real life applications and settings.  If you sell active wear, for example, show the clothing being worn by a runner, in a natural setting.  These images are not necessarily about beauty, but more about the way in which your product can add value for the user.


  1. People Buy People So Re-Write Your Story


Whatever goods or services your brand offers, you will have a unique segment of the market that you predominantly sell to. This, your target demographic, is known to be attracted to brands that use a popular representation of themselves in their advertising material.


Therefore, craft your lifestyle photography to tell a story based on how customers use your products, as well as the benefits they offer that differ from your competitors. If you want to keep your branding really authentic, you could even involve real life customers in your website images.


How ever you choose to reflect the needs of your target demographic, find a narrative that uniquely addresses the ways in which they buy.


Lifestyle Photography In London From FreshPack Photo


With many years experience behind us, the team at FreshPack can regenerate your brand using authentic and compelling lifestyle images.  We offer a complete lifestyle photography service across London and the South East.  Speak to us today on 020 8799 7440 to find out more.

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