Upgrade Your Product Shots With These Cool Ideas

Dec 13, 2018


Product shots are traditionally designed to capture the most important features of the product itself.  Crisp images, taken against a plain white background, were for many years the mainstay of brochures and catalogues, but with the digital age now firmly upon us, the game is changing.

Finding new and unique ways to showcase your products is a sure fire way to attract  an entirely new audience.  Cleverly crafted images, perfectly conceived by a talented product photographer,  offers online retailers a new way to attract customers.


By incorporating new ideas, using digital tools and telling a visual story that reaches out to your target audience, you could be increasing sales and growing you brand, simply by re-defining the way you present your goods or services.


If you want to go above and beyond the plain white background, here are some inspiring ideas for product shots that really pack a punch.


Vary your backgrounds


While it is true that some products look best against a solid coloured background, some will benefit from being captured “in-situ”.  A professional packshot photographer will be able to set a scene that helps the customers to visualise the way in which the product can be used in real life.


Put the product in the background


To make your product look unique, insert it into a natural looking scenario where it sits perfectly, without being the main focus of the image.  Whilst this may seem to go against the grain of traditional product photography, it can add interest and value to your product shots, as well as selling an aspiration quality to your website images.


Spinning Products and 360 Images


These types of images offer a fully immersive experience for visitors to your website.  Using high quality video loops, your customers can see your products from every angle, allowing them to virtually touch and feel the product before purchasing.


Suspended Products


This unique and rather trendy way to showcase a products adds an ethereal dimension and offers a fresh take on traditional product shots.  Mid-air positioning will add drama to the image, and create a look that makes a memorable impression on the customer.



Freeze frames


Capturing a single moment in the use of a product makes for dramatic and inspirational product photography.  A picture taken at exactly the right moment can transform a static product as simple as a drinking glass, into a veritable work of art.






Photo editing


Manipulating an image in post production to make it more than the sum of its parts can be particularly powerful.  Of course, you should aways shy away from altering the image so much that it becomes a less than authentic representation of the product in question, but you can enhance the shot using addition props, CGI or enhancing the background.


Lifestyle Images


Capturing your product being used in authentic looking situations speaks volumes.  Buyers like to see how a product can work for them, and lifestyle photography helps to create a narrative that will appeal to your target audience.


Freshpack Photo’s specialise in producing first class product images that are designed to captivate any audience.   If you would like to find out how we can help build your brand, call us today on 020 8799 7440.

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