The Advantages of Using Top light in Product Photography

We’ve covered lighting in many articles over the years and as a product photographer or packshot studio, it will form one of the most important aspects of every shoot. However, we believe the idea of using a top light delivers real benefits that other types of lighting simply don’t offer. This is particularly useful for […]

Setting up your Photo Studio for Optimal Product Photography Results

When we talk about shooting your products in their best light, we mean this in every sense of the word. Our packshot studio is specifically designed to offer the best possible results for every type of product shot but how exactly can you set up your space for best results? The answer is to plan […]

How to Create Brilliant Flat Lay Shots

The use of flat lay (table top) style has skyrocketed thanks to the popularity of Instagram and the ever-more-beautiful brand storytelling techniques adopted by larger and more boutique companies alike. Just like in real life where an unappealing shop layout can deter customers, a poor online image can also make a hard impact on sales. […]

White Backgrounds vs. Contextual Shots for Lifestyle Product Photography

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when preparing your product photography is whether to go with a plain white background or provide some context. You may have heard that a clean, white background is the only way to go with product shots, in particular fashion photography, and this can be true for […]

Upgrade Your Product Shots With These Cool Ideas

  Product shots are traditionally designed to capture the most important features of the product itself.  Crisp images, taken against a plain white background, were for many years the mainstay of brochures and catalogues, but with the digital age now firmly upon us, the game is changing. Finding new and unique ways to showcase your […]

10 Ways To Make Your eCommerce Images Work For You

  Your digital shopfront should look every bit as enticing as an upscale window display.  Visitors to your website want to feel intrigued and excited, and the images you use to promote your goods and services, need to give them the impetus to hop inside and browse further.   With a physical shop window you […]

Different types of product photography

If you’ve designed and created your own products, the chances are you’ve already put a lot of time and effort into getting the design perfect, and hopefully you know who your target market consists of. But how can you be sure your audience gets the full impact of your impressive design, and feels compelled to […]

Room Set Photography

Our photographers have many years experience shooting room sets and lifestyle photography, so we thought we’d announce it officially as a service! Room Set photography is used mostly by our furniture clients, to show off their goods in a more interesting environment than your average product photography shots. You can see a few examples attached. […]

Furniture and Large Item Photography

Freshpack Photo has a strong and growing reputation in the furnishing products industry as the ‘go to’ photography studio. From lifestyle shoots in modern city apartments and country manors, to cut outs for ecommerce sites and catalogues, we have an expansive portfolio of furniture product photography. These kind of shoots can be challenging though, furniture […]