How Can I Apply Different Perspective Techniques to My Product Photography?

Within the world of product photography, a packshot photographer is likely to need to control the appearance of depth in a shot. Whether this is a simple image of a product or a lifestyle shot outdoors with multiple subjects and props. Fundamentally, photography is all about recreating that real-world 3-D image in a 2-D photograph […]

What Do The Modes on A Digital Camera Mean? – Part 1

A product photographer must know their equipment and how to get the best out of it! Whether you’ve just upgraded to a brand new camera or are in the early stages of your career and want to improve your understanding, this short guide will touch on the key modes of a digital camera and what […]

How Do I Improve My Product Photography?

No matter whether you’re a novice product photographer, part of a big team or an experienced solo commercial photographer it is important to always strive to be better. The question of how to improve product photography is one frequently asked and as a result, we’ve put together four key areas to think about along with […]

What Kind of Photography Umbrella Do I Need?

A common piece of equipment that many in product photography will have in their studio, but it can be difficult to know the most suitable kind of photography umbrella you need. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography and getting the right equipment can transform your product photographs. As a result, we’ve […]

How to Use a Softbox for Photography Lighting.

This article may seem to go against a lot of the advice out there for a product photographer, or any other type of commercial photographer. That is because softboxes are a fantastic source of lighting and we stand by that statement but we do believe there are situations where you can look beyond a softbox […]

How to Photograph Drinks.

One aspect of product photography that can be more complex than others is beverage photography. This is because there is an added level of unpredictability that comes with working with liquids, as well as glasses that create reflections. As a result, we have put together some key tips that will help improve beverage photographs taken […]

How to Get the Best Product Photos of Drinks

One of the most exciting projects that an individual product photographer or packshot studio can work on is food and drink. For this article, we are going to focus on drinks and some helpful tips on how to get the very best product photos. It may appear simple at first glance but to truly explore […]

Getting Creative With Product Photography

Working in product photography can be exciting and a lot of fun. In the pursuit of the perfect image for your clients or personal e-commerce store, you have the chance to get creative and push the boundaries. We’ve put together some of the top creative ideas for all forms of product photography including jewellery and […]

A Style Guide for Product Photographers

In the ever-changing and incredibly competitive world of e-commerce, the job of a product photographer is to deliver images that tell a story, pack a punch and persuade customers to buy that product. A massive part of this process, particularly in the world of fashion photography is making sure you get the style of your […]

Professional Product Photography – Always Use a Checklist

For even the most experienced professional, the world of product photography can be dynamic, stressful and confusing, and that is why so many people rely on lists to make it a more structured and controlled process. This is particularly the case for clothing photography, where you will likely have more processes, people and parts involved. […]