What Is Colour Temperature and White Balance In Photography?

In the world of product photography, we often use the white balance button on a camera to select an automatic white balance or a specific measurement. Some cameras also allow for the colour temperature to be set according to your requirements. This opens up the question of what the relationship is between white balance and […]

What Do The Modes on A Digital Camera Mean? – Part 1

A product photographer must know their equipment and how to get the best out of it! Whether you’ve just upgraded to a brand new camera or are in the early stages of your career and want to improve your understanding, this short guide will touch on the key modes of a digital camera and what […]

How To: Food Photography

One of the most difficult areas of product photography is food photography and as a result, we often see people searching for how to improve their food shots and what to avoid when taking on this kind of job as a packshot photographer. In this industry, one of the most important requirements is to make […]

How to Mix Flash With Ambient Light?

Mixed Lighting in Photography One of the most common frustrations people have when looking back at photographs is that the lighting doesn’t look natural because the flash has taken over the image. In product photography, whether that is fashion, food or jewellery photography it is important to be able to mix flash with ambient light […]

How To Photograph Glassware?

The goal of this photography article is to help shine a light on a quick and easy way to shoot glassware with minimal equipment. There are a number of ways to light and shoot glassware, so there is no single answer and it does depend on the goal of your product photographs. Take the time […]

How Much Shadow Should I Use in My Product Photography?

We are fortunate to work in an era of modern camera equipment that allows a product photographer or packshot studio to capture all of the luminosities between the darkest and brightest parts of an image. The question this raises is what is the most effective set up and whether we need everything within this dynamic […]

Focus Stacking – A Quick Guide for Product Photography

The concept of focus stacking is one that people new to product photography may not know much about or have any experience of. It may also seem somewhat complicated and confusing but fortunately, there are some simple methods you can follow to make the most of this technique. What is focus stacking? Focus stacking is […]

The Tools Needed to Shoot 360-Degree Product Photos

The ability to take 360-degree photos should be one of the fundamental skills that any product photography expert has. You don’t need to be one of the big packshot studios to be able to offer effective, high-quality product photos in this way. We’ve put together a list of the pieces of equipment needed to succeed. […]

How To Create Motion in Food Product Photography

We love to work with food products as part of our product photography services and an interesting aspect of this is using motion to enhance the products. For a packshot photographer, the ability to explore motion within a still image is a fantastic skill that brings excitement and fun to food. We’ve put together a […]

A Useful Guide to the World of Softboxes

A softbox is one of the most popular and frequently used lighting tools in product photography. It is of particular importance for those studios working with jewellery photography and fashion photography who want to really have control over the lighting they are using. What is a softbox? These devices are relatively simple in their design […]