How To Create Motion in Food Product Photography

We love to work with food products as part of our product photography services and an interesting aspect of this is using motion to enhance the products. For a packshot photographer, the ability to explore motion within a still image is a fantastic skill that brings excitement and fun to food. We’ve put together a […]

A Useful Guide to the World of Softboxes

A softbox is one of the most popular and frequently used lighting tools in product photography. It is of particular importance for those studios working with jewellery photography and fashion photography who want to really have control over the lighting they are using. What is a softbox? These devices are relatively simple in their design […]

Top Tips for Every Product Photographer

There are countless websites, blogs and guides out there designed to help a product photographer deliver the very best results for their clients. Whether working in fashion or jewellery photography, there are some fundamental tips that translate across all genres of product photography. As a result, we’ve put together some of the favourites that we […]

Interesting Camera Features That Will Transform Your Photos

There are some truly wonderful and exciting features that many modern cameras have, which many professionals in product photography forget to use. This is in part because a lot of the cameras do most of the hard work for you, or each packshot photographer has it customised to their own preference. We’ve put together some […]