Lighting Terms That A Product Photographer Needs To Know – Part 1

There are countless terms out there in the world of photography that any commercial photographer or product photographer of any type should be aware of. When we narrow this down to lighting terms, there are many to get your head around and understand. We’ve put together a shortlist of some key terms that we feel […]

A Product Photography Guide to Reflections

We often write about lighting and its importance in the world of product photography. What we haven’t discussed quite as much is the topic of reflections and the role they play in photography, particularly in more challenging areas such as jewellery photography. Overview of reflections Let’s start with the fundamental rule of reflection. Should a […]

The Best Product Photography Image Optimisation Advice

The Best Product Photography Image Optimisation Advice   It is no longer enough to just have some nice images of your products for an e-commerce website or product listing. Your competitors are consistently searching for ways to get that edge, drawing customers to their products and a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd […]

A Style Guide for Product Photographers

In the ever-changing and incredibly competitive world of e-commerce, the job of a product photographer is to deliver images that tell a story, pack a punch and persuade customers to buy that product. A massive part of this process, particularly in the world of fashion photography is making sure you get the style of your […]

Professional Product Photography – Always Use a Checklist

For even the most experienced professional, the world of product photography can be dynamic, stressful and confusing, and that is why so many people rely on lists to make it a more structured and controlled process. This is particularly the case for clothing photography, where you will likely have more processes, people and parts involved. […]

Top Composition Advice for a Product Photographer

As a product photographer, you may well have been taught about composition rules, the rights and wrongs of taking photos. For product photography, it sometimes helps to throw these rules out of the window, particularly for jewellery photography. However, it is also good to follow some classic pieces of advice from professionals, to really make […]

Top Tips for a Product Photographer Scouting Locations

A professional product photographer will spend a lot of their time out in the world, discovering new locations or managing outdoor photoshoots. This is perhaps most common when working with fashion photography and there are some great tips for how to scout locations and find the right spot to tell your story. Check the lighting […]