How to Use a Softbox for Photography Lighting.

This article may seem to go against a lot of the advice out there for a product photographer, or any other type of commercial photographer. That is because softboxes are a fantastic source of lighting and we stand by that statement but we do believe there are situations where you can look beyond a softbox […]

How to Photograph Drinks.

One aspect of product photography that can be more complex than others is beverage photography. This is because there is an added level of unpredictability that comes with working with liquids, as well as glasses that create reflections. As a result, we have put together some key tips that will help improve beverage photographs taken […]

How to Get the Best Product Photos of Drinks

One of the most exciting projects that an individual product photographer or packshot studio can work on is food and drink. For this article, we are going to focus on drinks and some helpful tips on how to get the very best product photos. It may appear simple at first glance but to truly explore […]

How to Create the Best Photographs of a Necklace

As a product photographer, you will likely be commissioned to work on jewellery photography projects and in particular necklaces. All types of jewellery require a focus on detail and an understanding that even the smallest defect or error can really stand out in a photograph. As a product photographer, there are some key considerations to […]

Jewellery Photography with Models – What You Should Know

Anyone working in product photography will understand that each type of product has specific requirements, difficulties and styles. When we talk about jewellery photography, we have to add in the issue of working with small, intricate but highly detailed products and this adds another layer of complexity.   We’ve put together some helpful information for […]