Photography Contests Coming Up In 2017

Nov 22, 2016


For anyone with some interest in product photography or any other type, keeping up with notable photography contests around the world can be a great way to find inspiration. In the New Year we can expect to see some fantastic events and competitions, some of which offer cash prizes in the tens of thousands.

This is on top of the great global exposure that the winners achieve for their work, which should really the main motivation for anyone in this field, whether they’re a professional product photographer, photojournalist, an amateur artist or otherwise.

January is traditionally the time of year when many of the world’s most famous photo contests are closing. Some of the main deadlines coming up in early 2017 include…

Pictures Of The Year International

This is one of the best known and longest running global photography competitions. There are dozens of awards in different categories, mostly focused on a documentary style. Photographers are encouraged to submit their pictures documenting the US presidential election, conflict in the Middle East, the Olympics and many more. Entry for this year opens on December 14th 2016 and the deadline is January 12th 2017.

World Press Photo

Also considered to be among the top contests in the world for photojournalists, this annual competition has been running since 1955. All entries must be submitted by January 11th 2017 and the winners will be announced on 13th February. This gives them a little time to prepare for the World Press Photo Festival of Visual Journalism, which is being held from 20th-22nd April 2017 in Amsterdam.

National Geographic Traveller’s Photography Competition

National Geographic is known worldwide for the stunning images featured in its publications, in print and online, so its own contest for photographers is taken seriously. The prize includes being commissioned to shoot for the magazine, and entrants are advised to submit their wildlife pictures as well as photos of the natural world before the deadline on 9th December 2016. The winners will be revealed in the New Year.

Nikon Photo Contest

Since 1969, Nikon has run its own competition every year to find the best photos and videos from amateur and professional photographers. The leading camera manufacturer has opened up the competition to a broader range of entries than ever this year, accepting videos up to three minutes in length for the first time. You certainly don’t have to use a Nikon camera to enter – you can even use your phone! The deadline is 27th January 2017.

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