What Is The Best Way To Edit Non-Destructively In Photoshop CC?

We’ve all been there before, spending time editing a photograph and realising that you have caused the image to degrade so much that it just isn’t good enough. This is where the concept of non-destructive editing within Photoshop comes into play as a fantastic way to preserve as much of the quality of the original […]

Lighting Terms That A Product Photographer Needs To Know – Part 1

There are countless terms out there in the world of photography that any commercial photographer or product photographer of any type should be aware of. When we narrow this down to lighting terms, there are many to get your head around and understand. We’ve put together a shortlist of some key terms that we feel […]

Breaking Product Photographer Rules Can Lead to Better Results

We will all have read about the fundamental rules in photography, often finding sources that argue against those rules to make it even more confusing. As a result, it can be difficult as a product photographer or packshot studio to move away from standard, safe rules that people live by such as the rule of […]

Why Getting Lighting Right is The Key to Success

With this article, we have decided to touch on why getting the lighting right means getting product photography right. As a packshot photographer, there are some interesting rewards that come from taking the time to understand and perfect lighting. Get creative It can be easy to focus on following strict rules and guidelines to get […]

Why 360-Degree Product Photographs Are So Important

A 360-degree product photograph has become one of the most important shots for any product photographer or packshot studio. This is in part due to the competitive nature of e-commerce and the need to find innovative ways to improve conversion rates. Compare an e-commerce store to a bricks and mortar store. Your customers can’t interact […]

Top Tips for Colour Combinations in Product Photography

Product photography is all about making a product stand out from the crowd, drawing traffic to a particular website and converting them into sales. A big part of delivering stunning photographs is making sure you get the right colour combinations. We’ve put together some top tips that map across all aspects of product photography, including […]

A Style Guide for Product Photographers

In the ever-changing and incredibly competitive world of e-commerce, the job of a product photographer is to deliver images that tell a story, pack a punch and persuade customers to buy that product. A massive part of this process, particularly in the world of fashion photography is making sure you get the style of your […]

Professional Product Photography – Always Use a Checklist

For even the most experienced professional, the world of product photography can be dynamic, stressful and confusing, and that is why so many people rely on lists to make it a more structured and controlled process. This is particularly the case for clothing photography, where you will likely have more processes, people and parts involved. […]

Top Tips for Food Product Photography

The world of product photography can be diverse and challenging, with countless businesses requiring professional images of their products. This means every photographer and packshot studio needs to understand the nuances of each product category. Today we are taking a look at food product photography and some top tips for getting amazing images. Setting the […]