How Can I Apply Different Perspective Techniques to My Product Photography?

Within the world of product photography, a packshot photographer is likely to need to control the appearance of depth in a shot. Whether this is a simple image of a product or a lifestyle shot outdoors with multiple subjects and props. Fundamentally, photography is all about recreating that real-world 3-D image in a 2-D photograph […]

What Should I Look For When Buying A Professional Camera?

There are some fantastic guides out there when it comes to buying a professional camera, but we believe there are some basic features to consider as a priority. Once you’ve explored these features, then you can begin to delve deeper into the functions, features and benefits of your shortlisted professional product photography cameras. Ease of […]

How To Use Twitter For My Photography Business?

An experienced product photographer will regularly work with clients on social media content, whether that is as a promotional tool or for creating brand awareness. This doesn’t always mean that photographers use social media in the right way to benefit their own product photography and this article is about how to use Twitter in the […]

The Advantages of Using Top light in Product Photography

We’ve covered lighting in many articles over the years and as a product photographer or packshot studio, it will form one of the most important aspects of every shoot. However, we believe the idea of using a top light delivers real benefits that other types of lighting simply don’t offer. This is particularly useful for […]