Is Video Colour Grading Different to Photo Colour Grading?

As a product photographer or packshot studio, you may be experienced in the process of colour grading your product photographs. With the growing importance of videos in terms of marketing and selling products, it is important to get to grips with video colour grading. The aim of this introductory article is to dispel the myth […]

How to Use a Softbox for Photography Lighting.

This article may seem to go against a lot of the advice out there for a product photographer, or any other type of commercial photographer. That is because softboxes are a fantastic source of lighting and we stand by that statement but we do believe there are situations where you can look beyond a softbox […]

What Do Photography Abbreviations Mean? G to P

The next part in our series of photography abbreviations covers everything from understanding what a guide number is, to megapixels and pixels per inch. The world of product photography can at times, be overcomplicated and it is our goal to gradually help make the various abbreviations and terminology easier to understand. GN – Guide number […]