Why “traditional” packshot photography is still relevant in 2016

Jan 6, 2016

We’ve noticed that throughout the last few years there have been many developments in the ways consumers use visual information to make purchase decisions and in the ways this is actually delivered. The key difference with e-commerce to buying real products in shops is something most of us have become used to but it’s a question many people have asked: how do you know what you’re buying if you can’t see it first?

Now with the boom in e-commerce resulting in a solid infrastructure for online shopping websites and a significant focus on security and following laws and guidelines, you can normally shop around with reasonable confidence that the information you’re seeing is accurate. However, as a shopper, you still need to get as much information as you can about your options so you can make an informed choice. This has to be balanced with the seller’s need to make their products look attractive and persuade their potential buyers.

This is where excellent packshot photography should come into the equation. It’s precisely the point of good product photography to show your products accurately and realistically, while making them look their absolute best at the same time. This simultaneously caters to the needs of the buyer and the seller alike, as the customer is drawn in by good styling and professional results but still able to make an unbiased purchase decision based on what they see.

In this sense, we definitely feel that strong product photography is as vital now as it has ever been. There are certainly other factors at work due to rapidly changing trends in technology, e-commerce and consumer culture, such as an ongoing rise in the popularity of online video which definitely applies to products and marketing. 360 degree product photography is increasingly compatible with online shopping apps and platforms, providing a more detailed perspective, and lifestyle or room set photography has a wide variety of uses when a more personal or realistic context is needed to show a product off best.

However, when it comes to making fast decisions and keeping everything about your visual brand looking slick and professional, you simply can’t beat the best traditional packshot photography. It’s going to be essential whatever channel you’re focusing on to market your product, and by coming to the professionals like Freshpack Photo you’re guaranteed great results.

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