Different types of product photography

Dec 18, 2015

If you’ve designed and created your own products, the chances are you’ve already put a lot of time and effort into getting the design perfect, and hopefully you know who your target market consists of. But how can you be sure your audience gets the full impact of your impressive design, and feels compelled to make a purchase? This is where professional product photography comes into the process.

However, your product might benefit from a completely different style of photography than another. There are a few key types of commercial photography that are best suited to different kinds of products.

  1. Packshot photography

One of our original specialities, great packshot photography can seem extremely simple when done right, and this is what makes it effective. By capturing stunning close-up images of your product showing exactly what it looks like, down to every fine detail, your audience can really get a feel for the product. Simplicity is often crucial with e-commerce photography, since potential customers are comparing similar products online and want to make a direct comparison quickly. When you’re confident that your design speaks for itself and you need to keep things straightforward, great packshot photography is essential.

  1. 360 product photography

For something a little more sophisticated, a massive trend over the last few years has been 360-degree product photography. This allows for interactivity with potential buyers and lets them examine your product even more closely, which lets you truly leave a strong impression. Great 360-degree photos can create the illusion of seeing the product in real life, allowing you to really show off the best features of your design and coerce people through your online checkout.

  1. Lifestyle photography

A professional lifestyle photographer can add another new dimension to your product photography, re-creating real life scenarios with actors and sets while having the focus on your product. This is a very immersive techniques when used correctly, and allows plenty of opportunities to subtly show off the best features of your product by creating a visual storyline. Your potential buyer should be able to visualise themselves in the actors’ positions, enjoying the benefits you’re advertising.

  1. Room set photography

Similarly, room sets are often used for product photography and can really help customers visualise your product in their home. For furniture and homeware this is by far the most common form of product photography, as it helps provide scale and context for products that might seem unremarkable with an overly basic background. Room set photography doesn’t use actors but lets viewers imagine the action based on an attractive design for a room, normally presented with other products that match but leave the focus on the one you’re really trying to sell.

If you’re considering the services of a professional product photographer but you’re not sure what direction you should take, these are only a few examples of the routes you could take. If you’re based in London, anywhere in the UK or even further afield, simply get in touch with us to find out how we can help make your product photography ideas become reality.

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