Product photography trends for 2016

Feb 2, 2016

As product photographers working with many varied clients in the UK, we see plenty of packshot photography as well as creative images and techniques being used for all sorts of marketing purposes. In fact, we’ve seen enough to notice some key trends that might be interesting for anyone taking their product photography seriously. Here are some of the techniques and trends we think will be big throughout 2016.


  1. Unusual perspectives

Something you can always make use of no matter your product is perspective. You have to choose an angle to take your photo from, so why choose a conventional, boring one? Seeing a product or activity from directly above (as you’ve probably seen a lot with food photography) or beneath, as if through a glass floor, are both increasingly on trend.


  1. Macro detail

Images shot using macro style are used often on social media to zoom in on tiny details, again providing a fresh perspective that’s also eye-catching. For your promotional images, you might find using macro images in the right way to focus on small details makes your product photography (and the product itself) appear super sleek and high quality.


  1. Vivid senses

Whether it’s through bright, unusual colours or extremely high definition details, bringing your product to life through photos in 2016 is all about immersing the viewer fully in the experience created by your product or brand. Minimising distractions in the background and emphasising visual impact should help your products stand out.


  1. Exploring the world

It’s not uncommon to see amazing landscapes used as the backdrop for websites and promotional materials when the products on offer might not really have a direct connection to the location featured. However, this is all about your visual brand and the lifestyle your product might fit in with. Natural beauty and exotic settings are definitely in for 2016, so make use of these with your compositions if you want to invite your audience into a convincing world.


We love talking about great packshot photography and creative ways to use images in your marketing. If you’re interested in implementing some of our tips and getting the professionals involved, contact us here and we’ll find a way to help.

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