10 Ways To Make Your eCommerce Images Work For You

Dec 6, 2018


Your digital shopfront should look every bit as enticing as an upscale window display.  Visitors to your website want to feel intrigued and excited, and the images you use to promote your goods and services, need to give them the impetus to hop inside and browse further.


With a physical shop window you can dress it up, or down, as much and as often as you like.  But, with your website, there are a host of different approaches you can use to entice customers through your digital doors.


The type of images you use, the way you “label” them and the layout they are positioned in, can all make a big difference to look and usability of your website.

Here are 10 ways to enhance your eCommerce store, to ensure it is always an exciting proposition for customers.


  1. Use professional product shots


It is vital that all images show off your wares in the very best way possible.  A professional photographer will be able to use the correct lighting, set the scene and show every detail of your product, as well as capture the product from a variety of angles.


  1. Use good size images


All too often companies focus all of the attention on the written description and less on the image itself.  Customers buy with their eyes, so high quality images should be scaled up to offer larger images and smaller descriptions.


  1. Use high resolution images


Following on from the previous point, a professional product photographer will be able to ensure that your images are pixel-perfect and can be easily displayed across all formats, regardless of their size.


  1. Use the zoom function


Buying online may be convenient, but many customers still want to inspect the quality of the goods before they commit to buy.  Using the zoom feature, enables customers to look at the finer details of every product to satisfy themselves before they purchase.


  1. Use 360 Images


New to many eCommerce web sites, 360 images allow the viewer to see your products in more detail than ever before, and from a wide range of different angles. These dynamic images also encourage the customer to stay on your page for longer while they inspect the image, and will give you an immediate competitive advantage over your competitors.


  1. Put your images in context


Just putting a load of photos on your website has considerably less impact that using posed images that have an aspiration lifestyle quality.  An image that shows the target audience using the product, will have a wider appeal and give the buyer a sense of the product in the real world.


  1. Show the scale of your product


It is important to give the buyer a sense of scale in your images.  While you may well have measurements included in the product description, an image of the product in situ, with people or products close by for comparison, makes simple dimensions far easier to gage.


  1. Show a picture of every variation


If you sell the same product in multiple colours or patterns, don’t leave your customer guessing what they look like, have an image available for every combination.  Customers are much more likely to buy if they can see exactly what they are getting on screen, including the depth of colour and intricacy of any patterns.


  1. Use a variety of images for each product


In a shop, a customer can pick up the product and look at it from every angle.  You can help them to recreate this feeling by taking a variety of images that afford different views.  This is particularly useful with clothing.


  1. Use Videos


Nothing sells a product better than a moving image.  If you are able to, show the product working, being worn or being used to help your buyers really appreciate it in all of its glory.


Freshpack Photos can supply your business with product photos, lifestyle images and 360 photographs for your eCommerce website.  Speak to us today on 020 8799 7440, to find out more.

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