The Professional Photographers Guide To Shooting Jewellery

Oct 8, 2018

The Professional Photographers Guide To Shooting Jewellery

Finely crafted pieces of jewellery need to be photographed well if you want to sell online or via a printed brochure or magazine.  Professional jewellery photographers spend countless hours capturing even the smallest pieces in finite detail to make them irresistible to buyers.

Capturing every detail is key to producing perfect images of exquisite pieces, but taking images of such small items is never without its challenges. Beautiful but delicate items of jewellery can be hard to photography in all their glory, as they are notoriously tiny, and often highly reflective.

An experienced jewellery photographer will be able to find the ultimate way to stage the shoot, and be able to encapsulate all of the finer details of your key pieces, and have them literally looking as radiant as the crown jewels.

Perfect jewellery photography happens when the piece is presented in the most attractive way possible.  There are certain techniques that can help depict the most intricate of details, and an expert product photographer will be able to provide you with striking images.

In order to capture every single piece, no matter how small or how sparkly, there are some simple rules you should keep in mind:

Always clean your jewellery first

Whilst this should go without saying, smudges, smears and flecks of dust will detract from the beauty of your items.  This is why every piece should be thoroughly cleaned and in perfect condition before being photographed.

Find a consistent level of lighting

Once you have managed to precisely illuminate your set for the initial shot,  you must keep the light exactly the same for the rest of the shoot, especially if you are capturing a series of similar product shots.

Keep your background simple

Fussy backgrounds can detract from the intricate detail of your rings, necklaces, earrings or other items, so keep it simple.  Online sites like Ebay and Amazon recommend a white or neutral background to ensure that your item are the only point of interest in every single shot, and therefore more saleable.

Watch out for reflections

Shiny metals and sparkly stones can cause havoc when it comes to reflections.  But by placing your items on a solid surface and using a combination of diffusion and studio lighting you should be able to eliminate those pesky reflections easily enough.

Keep the camera steady

Shaky images are never a good look on any occasion, but when a jewellery photographer is taking detailed images of delicate items, shaking shots are definitely a no go.  Always use a tripod when taking still images, and be sure to mark the spot where it stands so you can recapture the same background and conditions time and time again.

Stay in focus

If shaky shots are unattractive, out of focus ones are even worse.  Ensuring that the image is completely in focus is more important than ever when the subject is small. Stay in focus to create sharp images that really capture every aspect of each particular piece.

Take plenty of images

Taking plenty of images of each piece not only gives you options as to which ones you choose, it also enables you to provide your buyer with additional images that could make or break a potential purchase.  Build a comprehensive showcase of every piece before you put your camera away.

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