Why Professional Product Photography Is Better For Your Brand

Oct 15, 2018

Your website is online shop window to the world, and the way in which you set out your stall is the window display that convinces your customers to step inside.   Top quality product photography images don’t just make your website look pretty, they also boost your conversion rates, and will ultimately help to grow your bottom line.


The intelligent use of product images throughout your website gives potential customers something tangible to buy into before they commit to a purchase.  Carefully crafted images can also help to boost your brand recognition and transform your business into a trusted retailer of quality products.


Shaky snaps, out of focus images or arty photo’s that don’t tell the full story are not conducive to increasing sales.  Your potential buyers want to see effective product photographs that show them, quite literally, exactly what is says on the tin.


Professional Product Shots Ad Instant Appeal


Investing in top quality product photography is the key to attracting serious buyers and increasing brand awareness. After all, a messy looking shop with badly packaged goods wouldn’t convince you to part with your money, so why should your customers feel any differently?


Professional product photography may seem like a big investment, but it will portray your products far better than a succession of amateur snaps ever can.  The correct lighting, creative product placement, backdrops, dressing and staging can make even the most mundane of objects look like the next big thing.


The visual representation of your brand is one of the most important elements of your online presence and your ongoing marketing strategies.  Therefore, investing in great product photography now will be well worth it in the longer term.


Find your own style


Perfect planned product photography is a must-have across all sectors, but well-shot images don’t all have to look the same.  Whilst the nature of your business will usually define what kind of product photography works best for you, you still get to decide how best to increase their visual appeal.


Some brands benefit from using plain backgrounds with loosely photographed images that make the product the focal point of the image, while others choose instead to focus on the aspirational nature of the products, and combine them with other complimentary items.


If you are unsure whether simple product images or lifestyle photography works better for your business, remember that contextualised product photos sell the dream, where as product-only images sell the finer details of the product.


Consistency Is Key For Brand Recognition


Your brand has it’s own tone of voice and personality that can already be found in the content on your website. Whether you opt for a contemporary minimalist look across your website, or something more arty, the look and feel of your images should be consistent with all the other content available on your website.


Whatever the personality of your brand, it is important that you can find a way to enhance visual recognition in the look and style of your product photographs. A professional product photographer will be able to help you achieve this.


Get it right, and your customers will recognise every image you post as instantly being part of your brand, get it wrong and you risk losing both repeat business and a customer fan base.


Bespoke photography adds extra appeal and an additional level of trust to your website and brand.  Speak to us today to find out about the professional product photography services we can supply in London.

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Why Professional Product Photography Is Better For Your Brand

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