Professional Product Photography or Stock Images – Which Should You Choose?

Oct 1, 2018

If your business is in need of a visual boost, you may be considering adding some stock images to your website.  While these can add interest, paying for images that are openly available on the internet may not give your brand the unique look and feel that is deserves the Professional Product Photography can.

What are stock images?


Stock images are photographs that can be found on a variety of photo library sites, that are usually licensed for specific uses.  You will have to pay a fee to use them, and the price can vary depending on the nature of the image you want to use.


Whilst it is true that there are millions of different stock photos available for download across the internet, they are very often duplicated across a number of photo sites, meaning that your website or marketing material could be sharing images with other companies.


What are professional product photographs?


If you want to sell specific items, branded or otherwise, a professional product photographer will facilitate this for you.  They will be able to capture the smallest details of your wares, as well as being able to present them in a way that is entirely unique to your business.


Product photographers are also able to set the scene – meaning that they will find the optimum lighting levels, product position and even source complimentary items to help sell the benefits of your product, regardless of how well known or easily available they may be.


Choosing the right image


If you are considering using stock images, you should be aware that you may need to spend hours trawling the internet to find the right ones for you. There are hundreds of different sites that offer stock images, and you will need to identify the right key words to locate any photo in their image library.


A search for something as mainstream as “chocolate cake” for example, will bring up thousand of images for you to choose from.  You may well be happy with the first one you see, but usually you will have a specific idea in your head that may be impossible to match entirely when using generic photo’s.


A professional product photographer however, will be able to listen to your own specific requirements and take a series of photographs of the exact cake you have in mind, in a variety of positions and even against different backgrounds, until you get the perfect shot.


Something Unique


Because stock photographers sell their images to a variety of websites, it is usually impossible to find an image that is completely unique.  Any stock image you purchase is likely to be found somewhere else on the internet, and could even be used by your direct competitors!


Stock images are very obviously designed to be just that – used by many.  In some cases you may even see the same actors or models pop up in a wide number of guises, all of which will detract from the individual ethos of your brand.


Conversely, product photographers do not share their work, and every shoot is individually styled and designed for the client themselves.  This means you will never run the risk of seeing your website images being used elsewhere.


The internets knows what’s what!


Customers can be fickle, and any element of your website that looks less than perfect in their eyes may turn them off.  Stock images have a particular look that many of your potential customers will be able to spot straight away.  A lack of original images could lead them to believe that your own brand is less than authentic and does not have a genuine USP over and above your competition.


Customised images however, help to express the personality of your brand, as well as showing off your goods in the very best light possible.


Product Photography from FreshPack


Because we want your website to win, we provide first class, entirely original product photography services across London.  Don’t waste your time with stock images, speak to us today to see how we can help increase the visual element of your eCommerce site, online marketing or printed material with our professional product photographs.


London Product Photographer

London Product Photographer


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