E-commerce Product Photography Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Feb 29, 2016

Your e-commerce website is your shop front to the world and first impressions count. Whatever products you sell online it is vital that the images on your site are not only an accurate portrayal of your products and services but they should be visually attractive, eye catching and clear.

Human beings are visual by nature, so having good product photography is often critical to the success of your e-commerce website. Here are 5 common pitfalls that should be avoided:

1. Images not having scale

This is particularly important in lifestyle shots when selling your products and services online. Customers should be able to see at a glance what the scale and size is of your products. Ask your product photographer to use different household objects to achieve this, for example, an armchair with a throw or a pencil with a notebook will help to add scale and size.

2. Images not showing your products being used

It is important to create images that show your product in context and in its intended use. Create scenes that are decorative and demonstrate how it will make a difference if you should purchase it.

3. Images not showing key details

What makes your images unique? If you are selling handmade items it is often small touches such as your signature or a contact number on product photography. If you are selling jewellery your photographs should focus on the part of the piece that is the main selling point.

4. Images that are not consistent

This aspect of product photography is crucial, and only one inconsistent image can spoil what is otherwise a great product page on your website. Your product photographer should ensure that the backgrounds, surface, props, angel and lighting of the shot is consistent. If the style between product groups is different that’s fine, but the whole page should be linked together accordingly.

5. Images that don’t tell a story

Your product photographer should use different props, surfaces and backgrounds to create a specific atmosphere, and the website texts and images you choose should all link together in telling your story. This is very important to customers as if they trust you they will be more likely to buy your products.

We love talking about great e-commerce product photography and creative ways to use images in your marketing. If you’re interested in implementing some of our tips and getting the professionals involved, contact us here and we’ll find a way to help.

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