How to Convey your Brand Identity with Professional Product Photos

May 15, 2019

How to Convey your Brand Identity with Professional Product Photos

Product photography is a major part of the business identity of any online enterprise. In the absence of the customer-facing experience, ecommerce owners must use the power of content and imagery to convey a solid brand identity that aligns with the style and tone of their marketing material.

It’s one thing to get noticed online but it’s another to be remembered – the latter is what turns a standard ecommerce into a successful one and your brand imagery is one of the greatest tools at your disposal.

Discovering your Brand Personality

If you are a new business or not quite certain about your brand personality, then jot down a few words or phrases that immediately come to mind when you think of your business and products. You should also think about how you want your ideal customers to view your business.

Some of the words you could consider are as follows: professional, cutting-edge, trendy, traditional, innovative, fun, quirky. You can also use brands that you look up to as inspiration and/or create a moodboard to guide your thought process.

Communicating with the Experts

Once you have your ideas pinned down, make sure that you communicate this with your product photographer. If you are considering a DIY job, make sure that every photograph tells your brand story through a consistent tone and style that reflects the personality of your business.

Prospective and loyal customers will come to associate this consistent visual style with your brand. This will help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way and cement your position in the online marketplace.

Every element of your brand personality will dictate this style, whether it be including people in your images for a more “emotional” brand or sweeping clean visuals for a brand that wants to make a dramatic impact. It will also dictate whether you want busier shots with lots of props or a more stripped back style.

This will help to guide the photo editing process, e.g. brighter and more colourful images for a fun-loving brand or quieter, calmer and more peaceful images for an elegant feel. Remember, the only personality that your brand has is the one that you choose to convey so it’s essential to get it right.

Designing a Style Guide

Create your own brand photography style guide for any suppliers to reference and always make sure that every product photo produced fits within these guidelines. Shoppers will rely on what they see to judge the quality and value of your product. Reward them with high-quality, on-brand visuals that speak to their needs and desires in a clear, coherent way.

If you would like more top tips on how to get product photography just right, get in touch with us today at our London Based UK Studio. Our specialist team will answer any of your queries and make sure that all your product photographs convey your brand personality in the most powerful way.

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