How to drive sales with effective product photography

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Using professional product photography is a great opportunity to put your products – and your whole brand – on a pedestal. Whether you’re working with an eCommerce website or simply providing information online, effective product photography drives sales. Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of your product photography.

Hire a professional 

There’s no denying it: we’re living in the age of visual content. As apps like Instagram have permeated consumers’ everyday lives, beautiful photography is the norm and anything sub-par stands out – for all the wrong reasons. Going professional with your photography – whether product photography or any other kind – is the only way to stand out.

Make sure you provide alternative views

At the same time, the shopping experience has become increasingly virtual. Consumers have high expectations for photography, and it’s not because they like a beautiful image. It’s because shopping online means you can’t pick up an item, inspect every part of it and get an idea for its physicality. Professional product photography bridges the gap for consumers who are shopping online more and more.

Let them zoom

For similar reasons, viewers need to be able to inspect an item closely. It gives them a practical association with the product, and also helps them feel in control of the purchase decision process.

Show the product in real life 

For most products, a white backdrop helps give a clinical impression of what the product looks like. But in order to help your photograph create an emotional connection with the viewer, make sure you include lifestyle photography of your product. Ideally, have a person in the shot using or enjoying the product. This is the first step towards the viewer imagining what life will be like after they buy the item.

Bonus: Make sure your copy works with the photography 

Get your photography finished first. We can’t stress that enough. If you have an interesting lifestyle shot, your copywriter will be able to use this as a reference to write engaging copy that refers to a specific element in that shot. As it strengthens the emotional connection between the viewer and their idea of what life will be like with the product, this will supercharge the effectiveness of your product photography.

Our team of professional photographers are well-versed in the art of effective, sales-driving product photography. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.