Best Practice Guide for 360º Product Photography

Until the digital age, we’ve been limited in our consumption of media to 2D perspectives that are present in photos, TV, and cinema. The past 20 years has seen dramatic developments in photographic hardware and software, and 360º photography brings with it a wide range of new possibilities which is changing the e-commerce landscape.

Giving people the ability to interact with a product, similar to how they would in a physical store, drastically changes their shopping experience. A static photo doesn’t give the full impression of a product whereas a 360º photo provides them with every possible angle. Businesses are increasingly heading towards providing 360º views of their products online in order to emulate the feeling of holding a product in your hands.

As 360º product photography becomes more important in the modern e-commerce world, here are some tips on the best ways to take these photos:

Think about the lighting that you use

Continuous lighting can be the most effective solution, as they’re fairly inexpensive and will give you light that stays on without flashing. You can use a particularly bright desk lamp, or alternatively, pick up a few bright lamps to ensure full light coverage.

Get a rotating turntable

The best equipment to buy is a purpose-built turntable which has small notches around the outer edge to indicate where to turn it. These ensure the best results and offer reliable and consistent product photos.

Shoot the product’s first shot facing forward

An online 360º viewer allows you to you change the product’s starting angle if necessary, but it is important for this to be the first angle shown.

Get it done professionally

For a flawless service that provides a professional 360º product photographer, then contact us to find out more information. This has the benefit of our professional camera and setup equipment being already on hand which means that you don’t have to sink money into high-spec gear.