How To Increase Conversion Rates With Product Photography

Apr 13, 2018

It is very clear that few people will be interested in purchasing your items if you do not have pictures of them. Yet there are still eCommerce companies who are neglecting to utilise product photography for the best results. Even when customers are aware of what the product looks like, they will be loathe to trust a website that doesn’t even have a picture of it. There is more to product photography than just snapping a picture of it however, so here we explore how using professional product photography in London could help you to increase your conversion rates.

Show a clear product image

A good quality and clear product image will help the customer to trust the product and know what they are buying. Shooting against a plain white background will allow you to display exactly what the customer will get and this will allow for seamless website integration too.

Show the product in-situ

Whatever you are selling should also be shown in-situ. Even a toilet brush will be more likely to sell when photographed next to a toilet because this reassures the customer that it is the right size and will look good in location.

Show emotion

Using high class product photography in London to improve the appearance of your products can also help you to show emotion with a product. Showing the customer the perfect six-pack they have always wanted alongside the protein shake will help to boost sales by showing customers what they could achieve with this product.

Show it from another angle

Highlighting features through product photography is another great way to increase conversions. This will allow you to highlight the quality of the product and any additional selling points too.

With high quality product photography in London you will be able to improve the conversion rates on your eCommerce site. Contact us at Freshpack Photo for more information about our services.

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