How to drive sales with effective product photography

Effective product photography is one of the most important conversion tools at your fingertips. It’s one thing for you to know how wonderful your products are but it’s a whole different story to convey this in the most impactful way to your target audience and sell your products. Here are some of the best ways that you can create product photography that will capture attention and drive sales.

Hire a professional 

While Instagram has made the idea of high-quality photography far more accessible, the reality is that experts are experts for a reason. Standards for product photography are growing higher and higher every day which is why we would always recommend hiring the services of a professional if you want your products to stand out against the competition.

Make sure you provide alternative views

There is one key factor missing when it comes to shopping online – the sensory experience. It is up to the product photographer to recreate this as far as possible and help the consumer imagine how it would feel to touch the item and hold it. The very best product photographers focus on creating a sense of the physical in their images to optimise the customer experience. This means shooting the product from many different angles as well as including images where the consumer can zoom in close and see the finer details before making the decision to buy.

Show the product in real life 

Good product photography is all about balance – this means showing your product in the best possible light (i.e. against a clean white background) whilst also enhancing the lifestyle aspects of each piece. This will help to elicit an emotional response where the consumer can imagine how the product might fit into their everyday lives. It’s always beneficial to include people where it’s relevant to the product, as this will really bring it to life.

Bonus: Make sure your copy works with the photography 

Words and imagery work together to sell your products but we always recommend getting your shots just right before writing the content. The best lifestyle shots will inspire your writer to create engaging, sales-driven copy that highlights all the essential elements of every piece and will really make the most of your product photography.

Our professional products photographers have created sales-driven photography for many different clients. Could you be next? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.