9 photography trends you need to look out for in 2018

9 photography trends you need to look out for in 2018

The world of photography is constantly changing as new themes and trends emerge. Below we share 9 photography trends you need to look out for in 2018.

1. Unfiltered images

Individuals now want to see fresh and real photographs that have not been altered or had filters applied. Photographers are using the very best of equipment to ensure a photograph does not need added filters.

2. Colour is back

Colour is back and has a vintage twist. This is good news for product photography as we are now allowed to view the intensity of the product’s colour.

3. Timeless photography

Black and white photography is always on trend which helps to create eye-catching and timeless images. This allows photographers to use their own unique artistic vision to help promote an image or product.

4. The natural look

Photographers will be capturing images in their natural environment and will use no sharp edges, but rather a soft focus. The emphasis here is very much upon the object as it is intended to be used or observed.

5. Social interaction

Networking and the sharing of ideas will be huge in 2018. Photographers can now share images, gain inspiration and work together on an image to create stunning photography.

6. 360 photography

360 photography can now be seen everywhere. On a product website right through to a Facebook page. Businesses are now seeking out photographers who can utilise 360 photography to help sell and market their products.

7. White and minimalist

Photographs will be clean cut and minimalist with white playing a huge role in capturing the pureness of the image. These type of photographs will be both calming and reflective.

8. Emotion

Observers have always demanded that an image engages with them, that it makes them feel something, and photographers will embody this concept in 2018 with raw and punchy images that capture movement.

9. Vivid and intense colour

Images will be bold, vibrant and full of intense colour. This type of photograph is all about the contrast between the object being photographed and its backdrop.

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