Boost Your e-Commerce Sales with these Product Photography Tips

Dec 16, 2017

Boost Your e-Commerce Sales with these Product Photography Tips

Establishing a successful ecommerce with high visibility is a major challenge for entrepreneurs within a saturated online marketplace. The good news is that there are steps you can take to elevate your business above the rest and improve your Google rankings using organic and highly impactful techniques.

A higher position on Google means more people are likely to click through to your site but you also need to solve the problem of converting them once they get there. Poor product photography is one of the biggest reasons why people will click away from your site as it indicates a lack of interest in high quality.

We’ve gathered a selection of top tips on how to create the best possible product photography to optimise your conversions and showcase your brand in the most effective way.

Use a white background

Even the most beautiful products risk losing their shine if the background doesn’t complement their colours and materials. We love how the use of an infinity cove works to smooth out the background of product shots for a seamless, distraction-free final image to make the right impact. The curved, all-white space brings purity and allows the products to take centre stage. We also recommend Photoshop to declutter your shots and remove any unnecessary details, keeping the background as plain and minimal as possible.

Avoid filters

Instagram might have us believe that every photo needs a filter but, when it comes to product photography, filters are your worst enemy. A plain white, bare background will enhance your products but a filter risks creating an image that looks nothing like the product in reality. Stick with the infinity cove if you want to convey a truthful representation of your products.

Different resolutions

All the experts (including us!) suggest having three different resolutions for each product. This allows for the many different ways that your products will be viewed by potential customers, such as in a smaller (thumbnail) or medium-sized shots. You should also include a high-resolution photograph to cater to those customers who want to see all the finer details using the zoom function.

Show the uses of your products

In order to sell products online, your images really need to emphasise their USPs through the visuals. Make sure to include as many shots as you need to show off the uses of your products as they may have a number of USPs and it’s important to emphasise all of them. The best product shots will include both regular sized images and high-resolution ones so that intrigued customers can zoom in and take a closer look. Remember, the more information you put out there with your images and the more effort you take to get it just right, the higher the probability that online browsers will convert.

If you would like more top tips on how to get product photography just right, get in touch with us today. Our expert team will be on hand to clear up any confusion and make sure that all your product photography ambitions are fulfilled in the most effective way.

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