Why You Need a Professional Product Photographer

Aug 14, 2018

Nowadays, the internet is exploding with new e-commerce businesses starting up every day, selling every imaginable product. That’s amazing news for the consumer, but for the businesses themselves, it just means more and more competition.

Which is just another way of saying dated, amateur practices don’t cut it anymore. That includes dated websites that don’t work on mobiles, poor customer service, and amateur product photos.

Online retail is all about the buying experience. Everyone has a million different options when they’re buying any given product online, what sets you aside?

Beyond the style and build of your website, and the way you deal with customers, that should be professional quality product shots, letting the customer really see what they’re buying from you. That means you need a professional London product photographer and pronto!


What’s Special About Professional Product Photographers?

You might find yourself thinking that anyone with a current gen smartphone can take amazing, professional grade photos, and while it’s true, almost anyone can take decent quality shots, the difference is still very much evident when it comes to the professionals.

The fact is, your customers will be able to tell, and that quality can quickly translate into revenue. Professional product photographers will squeeze every last bit of possible aesthetic style out of your products, making sure they look as great as possible. Can your iPhone do the same?


Who Needs Professional Product Photographers

If you’re stepping into the world of e-commerce or generally selling online, you need great quality product shots. You need to be able to show the visitors to your site not only why they should be buying the product they’re looking at, but why they should be buying it from you.

There’s too much competition nowadays to massively undercut other sellers in price, so it all comes down to buying experience and the quality of your site, buying process and customer service. Quality photos are a big part of that.


Why Amateur Photography Just Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

Previously, most smaller online sellers and stores have been able to scrape by with amateur shots and make it work for them. However, with so much competition, you need to do something different to really set yourself apart from the crowd, and quality photography, among other things, can be a great way to do that.

The fact is, consumers aren’t stupid. They can tell the difference between a passable iPhone photo and a professionally shot product image, and by using amateur photography you’re inherently communicating to your visitors that not only is your photography amateur, but by association your business is too. That might seem extreme, but it’s not particularly far-fetched.


Set Yourself Apart and Look Sharp

At the end of the day, professional product photography is all about setting your business apart from the rest and looking as sharp and modern as possible. It’s about showing your customers the very best angles of the products they’re interested in, and that’s exactly what every e-commerce business needs.

If you’re interested in our London-based professional product photography services, get in touch at [email protected] or give us a call on 020 8799 7440.

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