How Bad Product Photography Could be Harming your Sales

Anybody with a computer and an internet connection (or, more likely, a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device) can access millions of stores across the globe. Shopping no longer has any restrictions and, while this can be a great thing for consumers and businesses alike, catching the eye of a potential client has become more critical than ever.

When it comes to product photography, UK consumers are more likely to be enticed by an image than they are by a mere description. Much human interaction is visual, and not being able to handle the goods we might be purchasing means being able to look at it in detail becomes an important selling point.


What qualifies as a bad image?

While a good-quality image can have a positive impact on sales for a new product, the reverse is also true. Grainy and blurred images, products that are badly-lit or poorly cropped, and product photos that have been taken on an office chair in some back room are all huge turn-offs to potential customers.

Product photography is such a fundamental part of eCommerce that, when people see a cheap and rushed image on a website, they associate those qualities with the product, however unfairly. What’s more, beautiful and pristine product images are the sort of things that people pin to their Pinterest boards, or share on Instagram, which is immediate and free advertising, as it usually links back to your own site.


So, how do you avoid the pitfalls of bad product photography?

With a professional product photographer, of course. While there’s nothing stopping you from learning about composition, lighting, staging, cropping, and the dozens of other unique skills that make up the perfect picture, all of that is time you could spend more usefully growing your business, and enhancing your brand, while letting a professional supply you with the product photographs that will do just that.


Freshpack Photo can provide you with a high-quality, professional product photography service that will help to entice customers to your business. Based in London, we work with companies of all sizes, both in the capital and the UK as a whole. Get in touch and let us see what we can do for you.