Why Successful Marketers Use 6 Different Product Photography Types

Jul 4, 2017

The key to good marketing is tailoring your approach to attract different audiences, which is why any professional product photographer worth their salt will use different photo types for their client campaigns. Each type will start with the basics such as using a tripod, adjusting the camera to the appropriate settings and making the most of the surrounding landscape for the best results but it’s the techniques added on top that are the icing on the conversion cake.

Our team focus on creating stunning and diverse product images to bring your target audience to your site and convert them into loyal customers. Below we have outlined our top six types of product photograph for the most effective business marketing…

Editorial Style Shot

The best images will really bring a product to life, which is why editorial style shots help consumers to imagine how they will use the product in their day-to-day lives. These are a great way to capture different uses for the product and emphasise its USPs, using a creative approach with a variety of angles and backgrounds.

Images That Show the Product Dimensions

There’s nothing worse for ecommerce reputation and sales than misleading advertising, which is why all product photography should give a true representation of the product. This means using props and intelligent photography to showcase the size of each piece through comparison using everyday, familiar objects.

Products on a Plain Background

All of the best product photography will ensure that the product itself grabs the attention without anything in the background to distract the consumer. A plain background is always your best bet, in either black or white depending on the colour and style of the product and shoot. The product should be the only thing in the image to create a uniform look for all of your collections that can be displayed in a catalogue, website or other marketing materials. This type of seamless shot is also the typical format requested by press relations, which makes it an effective and useful brand tool that optimises a professional business image to capture the interest and respect of your target customers.

Macro Shots

Among the many key responsibilities given to product photographers, it is essential to recreate the sensory experience that physical customers have through the clever use of imagery. Where consumers cannot touch, feel and smell the product, macro shots can be used to depict such textures and encourage a more tangible customer experience. This in turn means customers are more likely to convert as they gain a close-up experience of the product with intelligent lighting to draw attention to all the most essential details.

360 Product Photography

The use of 360-degree photography is a technique favoured by expert product photographers, again to create a more rewarding, user-friendly experience and encourage the consumer to engage with the product in more detail. It allows consumers to gain up close access to the most unique and impressive product design features for an experience that encourages both sales and repeat business, all thanks to the effort you’ve made to establish your ecommerce as a trustworthy place to shop.

Group Shots

While it’s important to emphasise the individual aspects of every product, group shots are a great way to display and market your products for a different type of impact and effect. For example, grouping products together by material, colour or collection type can give consumers a different way to engage and encourage a new type of audience to maximise the possibility of conversions.

For more information on the different types of professional product photos that you can use in your business marketing, contact Freshpack Photo today on 020 8799 7440 or email us at [email protected].

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