Why DIY Product Photography Is A Bad Idea.

May 22, 2017

When it comes to making a first impression there are no second chances which is why product photography can be the make or break for your business conversion rates. By making the effort and taking the time to create on-brand, diverse and high-quality product photography, you are telling your target audience that yours is a business that cares about its customers and has brilliant products too.

The very best images will push more traffic to your website through social shares both by your own marketing team and customers themselves. It will also encourage customers to tell their friends and family about your products, and generate positive conversations around your brand. This is why DIY photography just does not cut it and expert services will propel your brand in all the right directions.

It Is Time-Consuming

Professional product photography is a skill that is honed over many years and through experience. It isn’t something that can be learned overnight, which is why taking your own photos is likely to end up being stressful and time-consuming with poor results. Even if you have minimal budget set aside, it’s well worth investing in the skills and expertise of professional photographers who know how to achieve the highest quality images. They also complete a thorough editing process to ensure your images look just right. The investment you make into a professional photographer will free up your time and energy to focus on those parts of your business where you excel, ultimately creating a strong overall picture with great return on investment.

The Cost of Hiring or Buying Equipment

Taking professional photographs isn’t a case of picking up your iPhone or even buying a fancy camera. It involves a whole host of equipment that needs to be just right for your needs. The cost of hiring or buying equipment can get very expensive, very fast and you will need expert advice in order to choose the right pieces in the first place. A professional photographer comes complete with all the essential equipment and other bits to achieve the best product photography. They will also have a little black book of other contacts that might prove extremely useful such as good casting agents for models to use in your shoot.

A Cluttered Background

The beauty of hiring a professional photographer is that you can choose an expert with specific experience shooting in your industry. This means they can use their insight and specialist technical expertise to capture your products in the most effective context. This will usually mean a smooth, clean and white background that is free of distractions to ensure that your products stay centre stage.

Low-Quality Product Images

It’s no mean feat to take high quality photography and it’s far too easy for amateur snappers to get it wrong. Ineffective lighting, angles or lack of skill in manoeuvring the camera can easily result in images with poor light quality or pixelated snaps. This reflects very poorly on your brand and suggests that perfection is not a quality for which you strive. High-quality product images are absolutely essential for any business that takes itself seriously, and most editors will request an image of every product in high-resolution on a white background as standard. Top quality images give customers the very best impression and strong justification for closing the deal and buying your products.

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