Top Tips for Food Product Photography

Jan 4, 2021 | 0 comments

The world of product photography can be diverse and challenging, with countless businesses requiring professional images of their products. This means every photographer and packshot studio needs to understand the nuances of each product category. Today we are taking a look at food product photography and some top tips for getting amazing images.

Setting the scene

When we talk about setting the scene, we want you to think about how to style your food. Firstly, what setting do you want to use? Is it a classic kitchen or close up image of the food on a plate? Just like every other type of product photography, you are trying to tell a story and if you get the setting right, it helps customers to become part of that story.


Our next top tip for food product photography is choosing the right balance of colours, textures and shapes. You don’t want to have lots of the same colours next to each other so it all blends into one and you lose sight of the product, the star of the show. Try spacing them out, using different shapes that create a dynamic look.


The final tip for setting the scene is all about props. Most packshot studios will have a raft of props and tools available to show off a product, so think about what props add value to the image and enhance the food product you’re shooting. If it ever takes away from the story you’re telling then don’t use it.

Taking the right shots

When photographing food, a lot of the emphasis must be placed on getting the right angle, the right side and the right detail. You may have a cake that has intricate detail on the top and so this should be your focus. Equally, you may have a layered burger that lends itself to side on images detailing the delicious fillings.


For anyone who has done clothing or jewellery product photography, you will know about getting images of the key detail that customers expect. This helps build interest, brand interaction and ultimately move customers to purchase the products. Food photography is exactly the same, so it is best to examine the food and test out angles. You may discover that perfect angle, lighting or detail that makes all the difference.


Getting the lighting right

Our final top tip for food product photography is lighting! Yes, the common theme that runs through almost every article and guide you will find online. However, for food, you need to make sure you have strong lighting and where possible just use a single source. Avoid large overhead lighting and a great option is to use a window.


If you can place your products a few feet from the window, it will add beautiful natural light to your food, without being too weak. It can help you ensure that you get the right shadow, which is a great tool for adding dimension and depth to food, which can sometimes look a little flat when the lighting is wrong.

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