The Effects of Lighting in Cosmetics and Makeup Product Photography

The Effects of Lighting in Cosmetics and Makeup Product Photography

One of the challenges that cosmetics and makeup brands often face is creating attractive and absorbing product photography. While clothing and shoes are far easier to “bring to life” by using a mannequin or model, cosmetics are trickier. That’s why utilising the effects of lighting is so important to bring out the USPs, colours and shades of your product.

This will show your products in a realistic light to ensure that your customers have all the information they need at hand to make an informed decision – and secure your sales right then and there! Here’s our top tips on how to use lighting for outstanding cosmetic product photography

Use Professional Lighting

Selling cosmetics online is very competitive as consumers have higher and higher demands from their beauty products. This is why you simply cannot compromise on any element of your photography, as this is one of the most important ways to sell your products.

Make sure that the setting for your photographs is professionally lit – we would generally recommend using artificial as opposed to natural light to reduce the risk of high-shine cosmetic products ruining the final effect. This will also make the retouching process far more straightforward.

Create Action Shots

In order to avoid the passive appearance of still life cosmetic photography that will go nowhere in engaging the customer, create movement in your images. This will help the customer to imagine using the product and show them how they work, representing an integral part of room sets photography.

Don’t be afraid to be creative! Water is a very effective photography tool – use a splash of water for a refreshing feel to create a sense of something tactile. This can work beautifully for a moisturiser or liquid foundation to help the customer imagine that the product will quench thirsty skin. You can also use people in your images to create a sense of movement, such as a woman spraying perfume.

Lighting effects work to enhance the USPs of each product, e.g. the wet look of a lip gloss, the sparkle of eyeshadow or the shimmer of face makeup. As long as you take the original photos under strong professional lighting, the effects will enhance your final image.

Use Colour

Conveying an accurate sense of colour is absolutely essential with your cosmetic products. Showing all of your colour options together in one creative shot helps customers to see the different colours and tones side by side to help them choose their favourites. This also means that consistency is essential during the post-production edit to ensure that the colours are conveyed in a clear, clean way. Adjust contrast levels and shadows for consistency and use the same lighting style throughout.

We have photographed cosmetic and makeup products for boutique and more established brands, using exquisite lighting effects and a stringent retouching process to ensure consistency and beauty throughout. For professional cosmetic photography that will engage and delight your clients, give us a call today.