The Different Types of Product Photography

Nov 18, 2019

The Different Types of Product Photography

If you’re approaching product photography for the first time, it’s important to be aware of the many different possibilities that exist within this media. This means you can discover the best options available for your brand product photography to show your products in their best light.

Below, we have outlined three of the most common and effective types of product photography used by the most innovative ecommerce brands in the world today. Depending on the style of your brand, the nature of your products and the size of your collections, you may wish to employ one or a mix of these types to fulfil your ambitions.

360-degree Product Photography

As a relatively new and very innovative way of showcasing your products, 360 degree photography does what it says on the tin – it shows your products from every possible angle to optimise the customer experience. As a proven way to convert ecommerce site hits into sales, it is achieved using a tripod, lightbox and good quality DSLR.

While it may not be necessary for more static products such as photo frames or others that only really need shots from the face-on angle, it is a fantastic way of boosting engagement and interaction through product animation for many types of product. If you have, for example, a pair of trainers or item of clothing with details that make it stand out, it’s important to show this off to the customer.

People like to examine any product that they will be wearing very closely and gain the experience of holding it and touching it as far as possible, to replicate the in-person shopping experience. This means 360 photography is also important for any products that people “use” from kitchenware to gadgetry and tools. It’s a truly beautiful way to bring your products to life.

Lifestyle Photography

The words “product photo” often bring images to mind of static products on a white background. While this can certainly be an effective way to show products with a distraction-free background, lifestyle shots often work well in conjunction with white background shots or entirely on their own to showcase products in their very best light. If you have an item that really comes to life in its intended environment, such as a skateboard in the great outdoors, trainers on a racing track or bikinis on a beach, lifestyle photography can be very effective. It can be done pretty much anywhere, even within the studio with a selection of props and live models.

Room Sets Photography

This is often the photography style of choice for clients with larger items to sell on ecommerce such as furniture. When shot as standalone pieces, they can sometimes feel a little uninspiring but shots that show the furniture “actively” in a room are very effective. This is an opportunity to use colour palettes, tones and props that reflect your brand identity and emphasise your products.

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