Everything you need to know about Creative Product Photography

Nov 25, 2019

Everything you need to know about Creative Product Photography

One of the best parts about running your own ecommerce is having a strong creative vision for your collections and your overall brand identity. Product photography is a versatile way to express your unique ideas and brand themes and convey your desired image to your target audience to boost your brand and increase your sales.

But what about if you’re feeling a little stuck for ideas when it comes to your photography? The online market is bursting at the seams with high quality ecommerce brands which is why you need keep focused and make that extra effort to create unique, innovative images that will stand out against the competition. When you’re selling online, your images are everything. We’ve gathered our top three creative product photograph ideas and styling tips for your inspiration…

  1. Take a Unique Angle

You may already be familiar with 360 degree product photography and the way it can boost your brand by giving customers a full view of your products from every angle. But have you considered going for a quirky or kooky angle with your shots? Go against the grain and aim for the “surprise value” with your images by avoiding shooting at eye level. This might be shooting at a unique angle – perhaps with your items placed upside down or with the products set in a way that viewers must tilt their head to get a better view.

You may also wish to shoot hanging products from above or below for a fun and relatively straightforward take on the unique angle. It may sound unusual, but it will certainly get people’s attention with super-interesting results and cement your brand as fearless – and one to remember. Just remember that it needs to be done right to avoid distortion.

  1. Play with Scale

When selling online, you want your product photography to elicit a need and passion in your customers where they feel as if they cannot live without your products. One of the most effective ways to do so is to turn things on their head by deliberately underestimating the role of your product in the imagery. This means creating lifestyle shots that depict the product in its natural environment but relegating the product in the image itself to the back or to a smaller scale. This will play with consumer perceptions and advertise your collections in a truly innovative way that will stand out from the crowd.

  1. Use Freeze Frame for Action Shots

Whether it’s red wine splashing delicately into a decanter to show off your glassware collections or high-performance trainers splashing their way through the mud, freeze frame is a fun and ambitious way of bringing your products to life and elicit that all-important emotional reaction from the consumer. Think of the most important function that your product has and the many ways that this could be portrayed.

Where relevant, it can be fun to experiment with ways to show that your product fulfils a need rather than a desire, e.g. you sell drinking glasses and snap a beautiful freeze frame of splashing ice water designed to quench thirst. The possibilities are endless!

Alongside your innovative product photography, we would always recommend shooting some classic shots to ensure that your customers can see your product in every possible light. For support with creating professional product photography, contact our team today.

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