How to Improve Your Product Photography Skills

Oct 12, 2020 | 0 comments

No matter how experienced you are in the world of product photography, there is always room for learning a new skill, improving on existing ones or trying out different methods. We’ve put together a short selection of some of the best ways you can become a better product photographer.

Workshops and training sessions

You may be one of the leading experts in jewellery photography or own a product photography business, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on upcoming workshops. It is a very helpful tool for when you want to see how different techniques are used, discover new commercial opportunities or simply find some inspiration.


Likewise, there are so many training sessions out there, both in-person and online that you can always be improving and learning. This will show in the work you do and product photography service you provide to customers.

Collaborate with others

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of delivering high-quality images, no matter the type of industry you operate in. Working with others opens you up to alternative opinions, ideas and solutions that could take your shoot to the next level.


On top of improving those specific images, you will absorb these concepts and start to incorporate them into your own work over a period of time, gradually improving your own product photography skills.

Ask for feedback

This can be a difficult idea to get on board with because it is never nice when you get negative feedback. However, it is important to always get feedback from clients and colleagues in a constructive manner. You want to find out what went well so that you can build on that and make the most of it, whilst understanding where you could improve for the next photo shoot.


It is important to remember that getting a fresh perspective, particularly from a person outside of your own product photography bubble, adds so much value and helps you to develop your skills as a photographer.

Find inspiration from others

Let’s start off here by saying that finding inspiration does not mean simply copying what others are doing. You want to do be an original product photographer, who does high quality, professional work.


However, you should always be searching from inspiration, whether that is your favourite jewellery photographer, artists whose style you love or bloggers with the most interesting stories to tell. It all helps to open your mind and plant new ideas for you to work on and explore. It is by doing this that you become better and offer a wider range of product photography services.

Explore your interests

This final piece of advice is actually about stepping away from your professional life and exploring your personal interests. Perhaps you have a passion for wildlife and want to take photographs on local walks or visits.


It all helps to keep your interest flowing, that creative mind that makes you such a successful product photographer will find new ideas from the things that you love to do. You may even discover a talent or commercial opportunity that you hadn’t thought about previously.

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