How to Create The Perfect Product Images for Etsy

Jun 29, 2020

How to Create The Perfect Product Images for Etsy

The next in our series of product photography articles discusses how to create the best photographs possible for the e-commerce platform Etsy. Just with any other e-commerce platform, product photographs can make or break customer interest and conversion rates, so we have pulled together some top tips for anyone to follow, whether concerned with fashion photography, arts and crafts photography or any other product type.

Go for the simple option

It is sometimes tempting to choose a flash background or lifestyle photoshoots that tell a story or add some props into the mix. This isn’t necessarily the wrong approach, but a far safer option whilst you develop your portfolio is to stick to a simple, clean background.

This could be a plain colour background or minimal props that only enhance the product and not distract in any way. Many other platforms will have requirements for a standard white background, so as to really focus on the product itself. With Etsy, there is more of a creative, beautiful feel to listings, so consider a simple colour, or clean wood/natural option.

A great way to get ideas is to do research and see what other successful companies are using as part of their product photography. If you look at their images and feel inspired to know more, then take note of the background and layout of their images.

Get all the angles

When selling products on Etsy, they allow you to upload ten images and you should think of this as ten opportunities to make your listing stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to the product page and ultimately, buying the product itself.

It is always important to remember with online shopping, that a customer is unable to touch the item, try it on and move it around. This is particularly prominent when buying clothing, so for anyone with a clothing e-commerce portfolio, consider the best fashion photography services or guidelines. Take the time to photograph your product from each angle that really shows off the item.

An added piece of advice here is to take far more photographs than you need so that when you collate them, you will have lots more to choose from and can create the perfect listing on Etsy.

Remember your brand

It is common for people to be lost in a blur of product photography concerns, trying to get the perfect lighting, angle and colour. Yet, it is important to make sure every listing you create, reflects your company brand image and colour scheme.

A helpful example of this would be deciding to take some photos in an outdoor setting, creating beautiful images for your product in a very rural scene. However, your brand is all about urban living and so despite looking good, your photos don’t really represent who you are or who your customer base is. Etsy listings are an extension of your own website, your own shop and should remind customers of that.

It is all about the customer journey and experience and so if you’re ever in doubt, take advantage of a professional product photography service, who will guide you through all of these questions.

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