How Is Social Media Evolving For A Product Photographer?

Sep 4, 2023 | 0 comments

Social media is part of a digital world that is constantly changing and evolving. A product photographer or packshot studio must live and breath this digital world in order to maximise their potential as a business.

Where the challenge begins is making sure we understand what is changing, how a particular platform has evolved or how society utilises a particular resource. If we are able to do this as a product photographer, then we can maximise the potential return on investment that social media provides. In this article, we will take a brief look at how social media has evolved for those working in product photography, why it is important and how to make the most of social media as a product photographer.

How has social media evolved for product photographers?

Social media started out as a relatively simple tool for a product photographer or packshot studio because you could share your work in a straightforward way. However, as social media has evolved over time, so have the data algorithms and power of social media platforms.

Whereas initially, the focus was on people in your network, it is now a case that people receive content that the platforms believe is of interest by predicting a user’s preference. This means as product photographers, we need to develop a better understanding of how our work gets shared and how we can get it in front of our target audience, whilst competing with a growing list of competitors.

Why is it so important?

Put simply, the majority of users access the internet on their phones and engage with content on social media platforms. This means social media is still one of the best tools within the digital marketing world for reaching people organically.

With a strong website and network of contacts, a product photographer has the ability to grow their business but it is through social media and search engine results that we drive people to the website.

How to make the most of social media as a product photographer

Now that we know how social media has evolved and why it is so important for a packshot studio or product photographer, the next step is to ensure we make the most of it.

Share your work

Don’t be afraid to share your work and celebrate great results on social media platforms. In such an incredibly competitive environment, the more a product photographer is able to get in front of people the better.

Connect with others

Social media presents a fantastic opportunity for individual product photographers and larger packshot studios to connect with others in the industry. It may be that you join a group for similar professionals in your local area, join events or connect with potential clients through social media. Either way, the benefits are clear to see.

Respond to comments

Always do your best to respond to comments that people leave on your images, posts or pages. This shows that you are engaged, care and act in a professional way. It may not always be the best feedback but it is the first step to connecting to others and can lead to more business as a product photographer.


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